Make a gorgeous selfie is not as easy as it seems. Layfhaker reveals the secrets of creating stunning images and tells how to make selfie from a distance of tens of meters.


Choose the right lighting

Good light – the key to excellent results. For fun, take a few photos from different sources and the direction of light. Selfies are predicted to fluctuate in the range between “Good Lord, what a freak” and “well be the same, a hunk.”

The best friend of novice amateur portraits – diffused natural light.

About outbreak forget: in the creation of selfie it will not help you. The light source should be located either directly in front of you, or to the side, not the back, otherwise the picture will be too dark. An important point: lighting from below – a taboo, even better light falls just above.

Experiment with the equipment

If you have carefully considered the photograph at the beginning of the article, you probably guessed that it goes on Selfie stick, and a new and original solution, giving more freedom to express themselves. Quadrocopters long occupied a place in the toolbox of professionals, and now have reached and advanced amateurs. Imagine a monopod to 50 meters long, which alone is able to take care of the shooting, it is not necessary to keep it at the same time and more hands. Drones offer new opportunities, which could only dream of a year ago.

DOBBY ZEROTECH – the world’s first intelligent selfie drone, sharpened by the creation of high-quality photos and videos. Miniature quadrocopter extremely easy to use: thanks to the autopilot to cope with him any certain smartphone user, from which the management.


As part of the photo and video copter will give odds to many selfifonam: built-in camera of 13 megapixels can take photos as 4K, with both single and in burst mode – up to 30 frames per second.

Video is also a full order: you can shoot videos as Full HD 1080P with electronic stabilization. Moreover, the photos and videos you can do at the same time. The camera lens is tilted down to shoot from a great height or mounted horizontally. Real-time video is transferred to your smartphone that allows you to build a nice frame.

Built-in editor allows to process and put in a social network photo and video, while the battery is charging. By the way, the standard external battery can be used for the original charger.


Compactness and portability feature DOBBY other drones: folded its dimensions are 135 × 67 × 36.8 mm, it easily fits not something that in a backpack or purse – even in your pocket. Modern technologies allow equally well fly and shoot in the street and indoors. If there are no suitable sites for take-off and landing, the drone can soar into the air with your hand and land on the palm.

Set automatic features is impressive: the pursuit and circled the circular objects, ten-second video with a spectacular zoom in or out, face recognition, and something new – tracking of persons. No need to worry about the technical intricacies – select the desired mode and continue to behave naturally and naturally.

XPLORER the V Xiro – larger quadrocopter with possibilities of professional drones. It will not fit in your pocket, but it is compact enough to, for example, take it with you on a journey.


The main difference of this aircraft – gyro stabilized suspension. How it works, you can see when shooting a still landscape. This video is easy to take for photos, with even in strong winds. About littered the horizon and other similar problems can be forgotten once and for all.

Camera 14 megapixels allows you to take high-quality photos, shoot FullHD-video and real-time broadcast it on your smartphone. The set includes a neutral optical filter, with which you will be able to take photos and video, even in bright light and backlit conditions.


Available modes for selfie – flyby of the object and the persecution of video hero to GPS-coordinates. In addition, quadrocopter can fly at a pre-programmed route on the map for a distance up to 500 m and ascend to a height of 120 m. To experiment and combine different genres of shooting, your subscribers will certainly appreciate it!

Find the most advantageous angle

Here is difficult to give any universal advice: it all too personally. Try different angles and poses until you find the best option.

When shooting from the bottom, you risk to find themselves in a double chin and bags under the eyes, impressive, even if, in principle, never possessed such treasures. Photo en face will simply boring. On a board of honor – the most it, but in a good selfie it is irrelevant.

The smartphone is better to keep just above eye level, and slightly turn his head left or right – depending on which side of the face in your pets. Smile and say cheese!

Remember the background

Even the most successful light and perspective can not save the photo, where the background is going some bedlam. Home mess – it’s definitely not something to talk about what should be the world.

Textured brick, wood or just a blank wall, an interesting landscape, but at least the sky with clouds – look around, and you’re guaranteed to find at least a couple of suitable sites.

Nature at any time of the year ready to help photographers: in winter you can make great selfie on the background of snow, spring – surrounded by apple blossom in summer – among lush greenery, well and in the autumn the god ordered to arrange a photo session with yellow leaves.

Good selfie – interesting selfie

Countless self-portraits with the same expression frozen on his face, it is unlikely to cause rapid interest of your subscribers in social networks. Dakfeysy already so tired of eating, even jokes about them – bad form.

Try to stay in the frame as much as possible of course, smile, laugh – in other words, be yourself. Serious facial expression here to anything, so it is not forbidden to build in full of funny faces and squeeze stunned by such a cat cases – the fun will selfie better.

For technical information about quadrocopters we thank the company ” Hobby Center .” We hope our tips your selfie always will gather hundreds or even thousands of likes.

Want to share the secrets of successful self-portraits? You are welcome in the comments.