Magical Beauties of Nature

Maldive is known for its marvelous beaches. All over the world it is famous and hot spot for vacations. Increase in tourism is clearly recorded every year. The 5-star resorts have great respect among the visitor.

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The Sea of Stars

Some magical places in the world, has importance between visitors and scientists equally. People came for both purposes. The Vaadhoo Island is known for its glowing sea shore like the The Sea of Stars. The blue bright and shining colors are like torches, seen from far distance.

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The “Biological light”, or “Bio-luminescence”, in the waves is the product of marine “Microbes” called “Phytoplankton”—and now scientists think they know how some of these life-forms create their brilliant blue glow.

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The blue light creates very gorgeous looking view. This beautiful view is in-fact causes all the attractions to human eyes. This also creates great positive impact on brain. It can remove all the tiredness of the day.

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It is famous all over the world. Many only came Maldive to see this great naturally occurring scene. It turns beauty of night into its maximum level.