1Everyone has heard of Baron Munchausen, charismatic storyteller incredible stories. But few know that the literary character began to exist in reality a German Freiherr (Baron), who served in the Russian army and was famous for his anecdotal stories.

We propose to support your good mood with quotations from the subtle humor of “The very Munchausen”:

It’s all right, Your Highness. Baron Munchhausen will be arrested at any moment. He asked to convey, so as not to disperse.
We were sincere in their errors!
Being in a certain nervous excitement, the Duke suddenly grabbed and signed several petitions for divorce the words: “In the will, the will of all”
Long live the divorce! It eliminates lies that I hate!
But it is a fact?
– No, it’s not a fact.
– It is not a fact ?!
– No, it’s not a fact. It is much more than a fact. So it really was.
My best friend betrayed me, my favorite renounced. I’m flying without luggage.
Well, do not change to me because every idiot!
True – this is what is currently considered to be true …
I was not afraid to seem ridiculous. That not everyone can afford.
What is it?
– Baron conceals.
– What says?
– It is clear that: a scoundrel, says, crazy crazy, miserable liar …
– And what he wants?
– It is clear that: not to cast.
– It is logical.
Mr. Baron expects you for a long time. It is in the morning in the office running, locked, and asked: “Thomas, – he says – has not arrived yet, Mr. Pastor?” I say, “No more.” He says, “Well, thank God.” It is waiting for you.
To fall in love, and enough minutes. To get a divorce, sometimes you have to spend 20 years together.
You have a mistress – to your health! Now all have mistresses. But you can not be allowed to marry them. It is immoral!
Do not complicate, Baron … Secretly you can trust.
– I can not secretly. I can only open.
– All kidding?
– It has long been dropped. Doctors banned.
– Since when did you become a go to doctors?
– Immediately after the death of …
– They say because the humor – it is useful, a joke, they say, life prolongs.
– Not everyone. Those who laughs – extends. Anyone who makes jokes, – shortens. That’s how it was.
After the wedding, we immediately went on a honeymoon. I am in Turkey, wife to Switzerland and lived there for three years in love and harmony.
I understand what your trouble. You’re too serious. All the nonsense on the ground are made with this look on his face … Smile, gentlemen, smiling.