Once a vessel is weak (but quite a magic) is added to the magic ingredient – and begins to administer a miracle. And with each passing day and chudesatee chudesatee.

So, in the hour of X you know – in your life began. In your “alien”! His, of course, is the mother, but still – the other person. So I get on with that thought in mind as you can. Speaking of himself, all the while slipping into the “we.” This is not megalomania, and a mild form of split personality. Simple solutions are now being accepted, taking into account the will of a small inner leader.

But God, everything is thought out very wise (is it any wonder) – a new man in my life is manifested gradually. “Built-pet” the most unpretentious – something like fish (though always with an aquarium). Taking care of it – is taking care of yourself. A unique opportunity to choose, but is not considered selfish. Comes grandmother on the bus, and you do not concede to her place. Struggling with education, but does not concede – you need. And the most beautiful and delicious eats a piece of itself, because now both of you – that you eat. And happy about themselves new clothes, meticulously studying the composition of the tissue on the label. What is called, I am satisfied with the best!

All these goodies, beautiful clothes, interesting exhibitions and concerts – an attempt to buy off internal panikŃ‘rshi, that you may dwell in the same time with the baby. Otherwise put these his alter-ego is absolutely impossible. Nowhere can not hide from swarming in my head questions: What I’m your mother? As my husband has not only become a parent, but still remain friends and lovers? And what if the baby will be born with some feature of the development? Will we have enough money? Yes there is still little questions may be born (born !? God, even to generation!) In mind pregnant.

And with each passing day more and more difficult to make their tyazheleyuschee body. Self-esteem is not something that jumps – jumping on a trampoline. No matter where the gain was gone – baby or hips? However, it is very difficult not to overdo it with food, because I’m hungry all the time. And what is allowed, it is not interested in, and desired – a taboo. But you can make concessions and allow yourself a little “zapreschenki” (tangerine, for example).

Rule post “thing – not the people” applies to pregnancy: Kids need a cool mom, it is desirable not sitting for the murder.
Although pregnancy – the phenomenon of intimate, it becomes the property for universal. This is, as bonuses and additional complexity. Be prepared for pathological categorical society. Your belly has grown clouds the mind, not only you, but everyone around. For them, you are no longer Katya / Elizabeth I. / Marie Antoinette, and “beremenyashka” (a word what). All the cute smile and clap their hands at your appearance, even if previously met sullen “hello.”

Now, however, any of your imaginary wrong – matter of extreme importance. With the immediacy (and even a faux pas) Little Red Riding Hood questioned: “Why do you have such a large (small / round / oval, etc…) Belly?” Offended silly to take seriously all the more. We can only joking – otela / bone swallowed watermelon / I’m married, I put on weight and so on..

Another reason for the attack on a woman in a position – not very much informed opinion that the boy’s mother blooms, and a pregnant girl – swells. Perceived as a fun compliment specific question: “Do you boy?” But when the move guess “in you,” the girl, insulted.

Many stick with superstition. For example, actively advised not to buy anything in advance. Okay, and then use the means at hand and swaddled in dad’s shirt, while the relatives of a crazed rush to the shops, buying the necessary and unnecessary?

Tips generally showered in abundance. The main argument of advisers: “I raised her and nothing alive and well.” And because of this claim can arise anytime, sometimes the most unexpected reason – relatives of varying degrees of range of conclusions from personal experience make diametrically opposed. So add up all the knowledge accumulated in the harmonious system and link them to the doctor’s advice is absolutely impossible.

So, what we have: the head is boiling, all pour oil on the fire. But amid all this cheese-boron need to manage not to worry. Experiences can complicate the course of pregnancy itself (toxicosis, perenashivanie), and we need it?
As one priest told me, now you’re big and kind elephant. In other words, relax and enjoy. The kid feels the same as the mother feels. And this little man, of course, want only to please. Enjoy every moment, is a resident of your inner world will not be asked in the outside world. It’s no wonder the kid age starts to be considered anew – here he was 9 months old, and then – bang! – All reset to zero. After giving birth to begin a completely different life. In the meantime – enjoy this!