On Instagram open spaces can find pictures for all tastes. And if any of them you want to store on your computer, it can be done easily with the help of small tweaks.


As is known, the creators of the service Instagram have not provided any built-in tools to upload favorite pictures. This was done in order to prevent violation of someone else’s intellectual property, which are the published photos.

However, this limitation can be easily circumvented. To do this, open the browser Google Chrome page with the desired image, and then right-click and choose “View Page Source”.


Here is the html-code of the page will appear in a new tab. Press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F, to trigger a search string. You need to find a file with the extension jpg. The first result on the page will display the appropriate link. Just copy it and open in a new browser tab.


After that you will only save the picture to your computer. This can be done via the context menu, where you should choose “Save picture as”.3

As you can see, upload your favorite photo from your Instagram is very simple. To save the video should act approximately on the same algorithm should only look for files with the extension mp4.

However, it is worth remembering that all papers published by other people are their property. Therefore you should not even try to use them in their projects, papers, presentations, or for profit.

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