In Sweden, Norway and Iceland, the buyer and pimp considered subjects of the crime. In a great number of countries where the buying and selling of sexual services is considered legal or prohibited, mediation in one form or another it is a crime (Italy, Poland, Belgium and others). (More about this can be found in the human study very feminist, anti-clerical and liberal – aktsionistki Leda and director Garin: ” Interesting sociology – prostitution “).

And it is right. You can not sell people. And you can not make a human trafficking. A person has a right to sell himself himself, because a man generally has a right to sin, but to help him in this, to persuade him to do so – a crime. About how incitement to suicide.

“Well, well, let’s not distort – skeptic grin. – Of course, it is bad if a person involve in the industry force. But if a person or organization to protect a woman from her crimes against the person, which are inevitable when it works alone, but for the money it takes – what’s wrong? ”

In fact, the person or organization does not protect a woman (to protect women hired her bodyguard or private detective checking client security), and offers her the most work in their business, and, of course, protects the instrument from damage of their earnings. But as soon as a woman is involved in this business, it is no longer released. Because it brings huge profits.

I’ll tell you a story that I had to be a witness. I had a brief period when I had to rent a room. Next room rented a pretty girl – a student paid one small branch of the university. She studied from case to case, but a lot of work in a modeling agency – is a model, it provided escort services to all official and semi-official events. Officially, nothing wrong with it was not – beautiful young lady was accompanied by twitching businessmen at business meetings, a tray of coffee and smiling broadly.

The problems began in the informal part.

Actually, my roommate and did not think anything about the problems. She herself from time to time considered herself simply a model (and even aspiring actress – commercials they also filmed) with free views. “And I like to meet rich men!” – She said cheerfully.

One lady came in the middle of the night wearing sunglasses and quickly went to sleep. Day hardly left the room. What happened to her, I realized later, when overheard her talking on the phone – obviously with the boss. Sobbing, she explained that he could not go to work, because … well … sick. And, yes, the contract is not registered, well, not spelled the same!

The painting was restored fairly easily. My neighbor is not very client liked. That is the man, whom she had accompanied during the whole week. And she refused to continue a close acquaintance. And she gave to the eye. I had to obey. But to repeat the experiment did not want to, and she fell ill. I too became ill, if I had a bruise on half face.

Girl to call the authorities and very strictly explained that for her “uplocheno”, and therefore, whether comely pick snot and stop build yourself something that you have not are.

I do not know if the client earns millions. But certainly more than fifty thousand. From the point of view of the widely discussed Julia Cave, with such a man can have sex if it is well behaved. For example, giving money. Well, the money and gave it, and very active. And, as I later realized – in excess of the contracted work. The girl gave the money, and of the company that he met her – too.

My fool would try to escape from the hell of it immediately, but I have not. She decided to find herself a rich husband well, if not, then the roommate. And soon I found, indeed, although training Julia Cave did not pass. Lasso (as it seemed) a client. There have been a million revenues. Of course, the apartment moved out immediately. And work longer in their agency.

For a time we call back, and then she was gone, and we met after seven years – quite by chance in another city. Posted glamorous girl in journalism, and her name I will not mention. Especially because it works under a pseudonym (I think I can guess why).

As stingy reservations I realized that my neighbor with the millionaire lived long. He began to beat her and locked the house. She suffered because, as we are taught Julia Cave, people with such income – this “God” and “Lord.” Yes, and there was nowhere to go.

However, my character, fortunately, did not have time to get into codependency, so she was able to jump off some miracle. However, it was necessary to radically change their place of residence, phone and occupation. I am very happy for her.

If you think that I now say that learning from Julia Cave is not necessary, because you can get into a situation, you are wrong. Specifically, in this situation you are unlikely to get. Learn Julia Cave is not necessary in the first place because it is engaged in procuring, and it is a large part of the civilized world is considered a crime. Her pimping even thinner and nastier than what the agency model, selling my neighbor rich peasants felt silly. It is the agency that is to say, at least to get a percentage of the transaction. And discussed “coach” in a red dress, receives a deposit. Yes, and not with the client and with the victims of exploitation.

And they, like my neighbor, in general, a little fool. And I think that they are protected and are taught to be free women, who are building relationships with the right people to them.

Continuing the theme:

Julia Cave: I married shovel pockets to zero! Especially if you have children

Tatiana Krasnova. unremunerative

Sergey Khudiyev: Why not marry rich

Vladimir Berkhin: to kill game

Olga Gumanova: married rich? Bad luck!