In the Russian-speaking Internet, yes, to be honest, in the Italian-speaking, too, are constantly rumors that Italians can not keep near her own men. Like, the last clearly prefer foreign women. A recent caustic note in Russian gloss that Russian wife is now out of fashion, and not less pungent – but accurate! – Response to the published material is a Russian wife abroad further added fuel to the fire. Where is the truth? What are looking for and search for it at all foreign men in their companions come from the former Soviet Union? And, most importantly, what is the difference between a wife-a foreigner from the Italians?

As they say, “I will not tell you for all Odessa”, but willingly shared his observations about how things work in Italy. The unequivocal answer is yes, Italians love to marry a Russian. According to statistics from Istat and Caritas-Migrantes, – oh, how I love a linear blunt digits! – One-third of Italian men enter into a second marriage with Slavyanka, donne the dell ‘ Est , especially Ukrainian, polkas, and Russian, by the way, suddenly – after a Slav – a Brazilian. But Eugene for the first time the Italians too often choose a wife, a foreigner: among Italian regions the highest number of concluded intermarriage takes Lombardy. The average age of the husband – 33.4 years, the average age of his wife – 30.4 years. Slavyanka again out of competition.

Why Italians choose their wives in the women from the former Soviet Union? I have a lot of responses from friends Italians: Russian women are beautiful, well-groomed, well-prepared, keep the house in order, her husband – in his fist and children – in business. But it is only in this matter?

That’s Italian, too, wonder: “What is so special about them.” The answer is both simple and complicated: we – the other, so the wife of us turn out different. But the men – all the same! Men who do not change one iota, and that – well, it’s true then? – Lazy at times and in places devoid of imagination. And perhaps these men tired of feeling that they are constantly evaluated and underestimated …? After all, the Italians are demanding, emancipated and hard on his men. Perhaps – I just argue) – their men are looking for … no, not easy prey, and predictable, smooth, comfortable relationship. Perhaps that is why they are turning their eyes to the “other” women, women who, in the men’s view, nice and old-fashioned. For that nice to look at the good old flowers pattern candy gifts, dinners attention. That mentality reminiscent of their own mothers (oh, it’s so expensive to each Italian word “Mom”!), And sometimes even grandparents? Psychologists probably can see in this choice of partner relationship with childhood memories, where little boys yesterday was comfortable, safe and well, and the choice of women, which they have already grown boys do afterwards.

Thus, according to the mentality of a young Russian woman near the Italian mature matrons rather than peers with Apennines? The unexpected discovery, is not it?

That’s my own Italian husband all telling me that I was not married in spite of, but because of my “Soviet”, because of the old-fashioned view of life, because of my conservatism and the proximity to the already – alas! – Pushed into oblivion by the Italian tradition of nepotism. “I have grown so – what I was looking at his woman.” That’s found, but not in his native Italy, but in a distant, but suddenly found a congenial Russia.

What is the difference between the Russian wife of an Italian? And what do we see Italians?

Recently, in one of the Italian fashion magazines, I read that the Slav (generally, the original was written by “Russian” – but that’s only because I do not particularly versed in Italy that there is more to the east of Germany) – “by nature a bit of a Geisha and ready to do what the Italian would do only if she is in love. ” You just do not think that further dealt with the extreme sex, does not, on the other hand, as examples of the article the author gives “simple gestures, such as the host in the kitchen, asking always solution and even wear satellite socks on his feet, as if he were a child” . It shocks you? And what exactly – your logical reasoning that means that Italians do not cook at home, or that Italian husbands seem to humiliate their Russian wives, forcing himself to pull the socks? But here as anyone. For some it is the elementary gestures of attention, and for someone – examples of blatant exploitation …

Here is another example for clarity: the head of the family, and in Russia, and Italy is considered to be a man. In the Apennines, the authorities operate, even a special term – capofamiglia . Only in the case of both countries in the family all run by women, even though doing so in different ways: the Italians in the open, carefully maintaining the authority of the husband in public (and themselves Italian men used to it – it was well behaved their mamma , mom ), but our compatriot, guided by the well-known adage that “the husband – the head, and his wife – neck” gradually fed her man to critical decisions in the family. For Italians Russian women in the household environment – real homemade fairy, and for the Italians this behavior – literally “dive into the past,” I read in the same Italian glossy magazine. After all, “the Italian took the path of emancipation, which increasingly leads them to seek adventure, while men dream about home angel”.

Here we find the key to the heart of the Italians! It turns out that Italian men are looking for a companion who would be surrounded by their mother’s care, while Italians occupied their own interests: the wife-partner too demanding, but the wife-mother – that’s it: and feed, and comfort, and caress. Italian psychologist Maria Maluchelli who generously quotes the author of the article, agrees: “The principle of taking care of the Italian partner awakens in men is quite a natural desire to be in a couple of Italians are active when it comes to sex and passive in the home life.” It would seem that you only give the Italian what he wants – and it’s yours! Of course I’m joking!

However, the following words of Dr. Maluchelli addressed to her compatriots, suggest that the Italians are willing to almost compete with foreign brides for their men: “The laws for gender equality – is the result of the changes, which began almost half a century ago, but it does not mean that we [Italians] also can not eat with our men roles in the game fun. And to improve on our relationship. ”

This last phrase of the Italian psychologist makes me wonder: apparently, Maria Maluchelli realizes that his wife-partner will not always win, compared with a caring wife, mother, and invites its readers to try myself in a new role, equating marriage to the game? Ah, Shakespeare was right, ” The whole world – theater , and people in it – the actors’

Do Italians cope with the role of wives and homemakers, for a moment forgetting about the equality of the sexes (in fact, in Italy, only nominal) and their own ambitions? My answer: I do not think, because suddenly reversed themselves and not turn effortlessly not alter. But be that as it may, the old-fashioned look and operating an Italian wife, I would have gone to the south, not the north. Just as in Russia, according to the classics, “the best of everything grown in the province”, and the Italian south – in some places! – It is the cradle of traditional, somewhere even a patriarchal way of life, which in the north certainly there is not the place nor the time.