New Year’s time, and the first days of the year, especially since the whole country, they have become something of a vacation – a rather strange time. A couple of weeks before the holiday begins a hellish turmoil. It seems that everyone is trying to catch these days is something that is not done for the year: at work, at home, and some – and in personal matters. To all this is added to mess with gifts, corporate events, children’s Christmas trees. When you try to arrange a meeting with a few girlfriends is that acceptable to all data located closer to February.

What else can be added at random in the New Year’s picture:

walking joke that the 17th year of a hundred years ago, too, were waiting with enthusiasm,
advertising unsuccessful Christmas fell out of both of these,
began mass etched alcohol
see “Business News” story about the premiere of his New Year’s table,
the death of the ambassador,
the fall of the Russian aircraft in the Black Sea,
somewhere it is still a war going on …
In the air, a lot of anxiety and stress. As if there is still a bit to reach the end of this leap year, and under the chiming clock reset to zero all negative, and in the spray of champagne will splash goldfish desires. So, I hope, and will be for the majority in the New Year’s Eve itself. And then a new day, and the next will come … the thought of kilograms accumulated during the festival, but I have too concentrated.

But seriously, then willy-nilly, we are in this period of taking stock and trying to plan for the future. The plans below, but summing up – not for show, but for themselves – not an easy task.

Firstly, if you do it on the run, between buying last gift and setting the table, and the summing up will be the same muddled. Moreover, your psyche will initially slip reminders on pending matters and projects (according to the effect Zeigarnik, we are twice as good as we remember unfinished action). For this reason, it may awaken the “inner critic” and remind where, how and how many times you were trapped or worse. Against this background, achievements and simply good events can be forgotten, written off or fade to chance. And most importantly, this clutter is difficult to single out how and by what means this or that result was achieved, including erroneous.

Another difficulty with summarizing the results of the personal for the year that year – the period of a long and heterogeneous. And you played it is not a social role. That’s not very clear how to summarize, in a medium? Personal outcome – it will not profit on accounting in the enterprise and the curve of growth. With a scale suited to the birth of children and the loss of loved ones, meetings and partings, and consider how to remember them days full of joy and sorrow? And just your judgment about the passing year will considerably depend on what kind of mood, and you will be able to summarize.

And still it would be nice to yourself to answer the question, for what purpose you undertake for the debriefing? To:

praise or scold yourself and / or destiny,
assemble into a single bundle of all the achievements or failures, and in the right moments to get them to brag or complain,
thank involved or recalculate offense,
remind yourself of the skills acquired or goodbye to obsolete machinery?
Whatever it was, to summarize it takes time. Quiet, unhurried, meditative. Winter – the period just perfect for thinking and reflection. Engage the outcome may well be the New Year holidays: in the end, the 31 th of December – it is a holiday, a time for emotion, communication, fireworks and tangerines. And summing up, if we have such a need, – a serious matter. Serious cases can be, and should be postponed. For a little bit away from the bustle of New Year and the holiday itself. Properly and not once enough sleep and work up, indulging in pampering riding a roller coaster, skates, and other entertainment. And only after that to carve out some time for the “fruits of the collection.” Brew tea with lemon and enjoy the snow outside the window and listen to the silence, sending home to sculpt a snowman.

If we turn to one of the winter fairy tales – “The Snow Queen” is a metaphor for what happened to the characters and perfectly illustrates the challenges and pitfalls of the winter period, combined with an attempt to identify the impact of the past year. On the one hand, the kingdom of ice – is a celebration of shapes, beautiful, yet lifeless until the spring, “the middle of the lake sat the Snow Queen when she was at home, saying that he was sitting on the mirror of the mind; in her opinion, it was the only and the best mirror in the world. ” This is an area of pure reason, which, by means of analysis and logical constructs trying to fold the pieces of ice from the word “Eternity”. And here is a tip: while a splinter in the eye of the magic mirror that downplays all the good and beautiful, and vice versa, distorted picture of the world. So, in terms of a fairy tale, you can not become a self-master.

So with the summing up: fingering like icicles made and not come true, and no, we risk a long stay in the captivity of the kaleidoscope as freezing Kai. To like this has happened, it is necessary to add a component of human warmth, empathy and involvement in relation to himself. Alas, not all are able to or can afford to do it, and in fact at Gerda, embodies these qualities, and so the hard way.

I would suggest that you try to sum up the year, not just by using the metaphor of “the way”, but also symbolically to do with his feet. Let the twelve months correspond to the twelve steps (or a multiple number of them at will, if the year turned out to be so very rich and want to examine it more closely). Designate anything on the floor of the room where you will have the beginning of the year, and where – its ending. For symbols you can use any means available: sheets, scarves, ribbons, glassware, toys, pens and rulers – whatever. End of the year depicted as a kind of line you want to cross (or maybe you is a barrier or, on the contrary, an open gate).

In the space between these two points, if you wish, you can arrange for you to significant events of the year – they are also marked on the floor of any objects. You can dream up, and for each of them to pick something symbolic, or draw a picture. However, you can leave blank floor and over the events, simply refer to them the mind’s eye.

Well, well, disposition ready, it remains only to go the distance. As you do this – in a straight line, loop, stopping at spaced veshek or not – it’s up to you. There is no right or wrong choices. – Your task is to listen to his every step: what have thoughts, emotions, sensations which occur in the body. Just watch this, as a spectator at the session in the cinema of the future, where possible total immersion.

Some steps you will be given with ease and energize, some – more difficult and it will involve not the most pleasant emotions and memories. Think about that-all the characters, the events of your life, and now you can dispose of them at its discretion. After what happened when something can be a nuisance to step, jump or simply bypass it. Something very difficult for you now to cover something and give yourself a promise to find out when there will be time and energy. And all the good you can, and need to bring in the next year, noting how experiences expressed in bodily sensations, which gives rise to emotions. And, of course, if a particular step represents a certain symbol, you can pick it up and carry into space, indicating the next year.

When you pass all the way, stop briefly at the characteristics that separates the old from the new year. Mentally or out loud let it slip that you leave in the past year, and that is to take a new one. Maybe you want to do something else: thank someone or to curse, to smile or mourn the loss of memories – do. And after that will cross your own line of the new year.

The most inquisitive and resourceful of our readers have already figured out that in a similar way, by removing the user manual, you can do with the upcoming year. Instead of writing long lists of what we ought to do in this period. But do not hurry!

First, let redesigned to lie down and take up during the work already done material. Despite the outward simplicity of the proposed “March”, which does not include such familiar to us the analysis and different logical constructions, this technique can be a very profound and unexpected results. And a variety of insights-insights may appear within a few days, or even weeks. Do not rush and splash out on others their experiences, wait at least a couple of days. A careless word can hurt hurt, and someone else’s interpretation – distort the resulting image.

And secondly, if you will move immediately to “march to the future”, it will act in the framework of the behavioral patterns that are inherent in you and that you just applied. Exit? After a couple of days after the first “travel” surrender to dreams and fantasies as it did in childhood. After all, if you say a little child about the upcoming trip, a new home or just a toy, it does not represent it in terms of what there will be a hotel, how much to pay on the mortgage, and where then this toy store.

Make up for the coming year its potterianu, or zhyulvernovskie Wonderland adventure. By simulating situations inhabit their magic, and even absurd characters who are doing something ungodly medical benefits. In everyday objects even appear completely new fi quality. Think of all the colors and decorations, and a non-existent soundtrack Homeric dialogues. Have fun with all the heart, there is a serious mine inappropriate!

Actually, this is all I wanted to say about planning for the coming year. But seriously, this simple exercise will help a little to undermine the already mentioned patterns and connect to the solution of creative life daily tasks.

As for the planning in the classical sense of the word, the idea to paint the plans for the year on all fronts – it is, in my opinion, quite hopeless and useless. If you do it right on various criteria such as SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-limited), you will get a list of eerie, more like an IOU. Starting the year to take on a similar cargo, it seems to me, not the best idea. Not to mention the frustration that befall upon withdrawal from the plan or failures in the process of its implementation.

If we are planning at the beginning of the year, one purpose, but such idea that will inspire warm and move to the intended. Even if this goal is far from universally accepted and understood by society.

I so wanted to see one whale, the present, live in the ocean. And though it was not New Year’s wish, I will not fib, but it was so distinct and clear that, regardless of the set of circumstances that made implementation in the short term is almost impossible, it is embodied. After a couple of months after my head lit up this idea, I was floating on a boat off the coast of South Africa, and watched as the whale – my kit – jumped out of the water, showing itself in all its glory.

Perhaps this I have, and myself wish for the New Year. Always have a dream of a “whale”, which captivate and lead the. And when the dream came, and you will sit on the shore of its sea, enjoying just weathered, somewhere in its depths will arise new.