In Italy the new fashion – a date for lunch. And that meeting over a cup of cappuccino, and not for the dinner has a lot of advantages. In the morning we rested and cheerful, it’s time. Do not fret half, choosing an evening dress or a restaurant, that’s two. If suddenly the gentleman did not like it, then you say goodbye much faster, that’s three. At issue is only one thing: not for saving if choosing morning rendezvous grasping Italian suitors?

The idea of a date for a morning cup of coffee came up with practical Americans with West Coast. And then from there she came to Europe. And once I caught a variety of species. In France, the campaign started business meetings over breakfast, Les Petits Déjeuners Networking, aimed tying useful contacts. In Scotland, there is a similar initiative Sunday Brunch Club, however, at lunch, halfway between, in fact, breakfast, breakfast, and dinner, lunch.

In Italy the idea of meeting at breakfast gained popularity due to social networking and dating sites. The success of the “morning” initiative explains psychologist, vice-president of the Union of Lombardy psychologists (region in the north of Italy with the administrative center in Milan) Luca Matstsukkelli: “Breakfast – it’s a great way to cope with their own fears, after the meeting of the cappuccino is not so” serious “as joint aperitif or dinner. And besides, it presupposes that the interlocutor is not only sex on their minds. ”

At morning meetings sober has its pluses and minuses. It would seem that a glass of two of wine helps to relax and maintain a casual conversation, but he was a bad fit with the idea of genuine interest in the interlocutor, with a positive impression, that many try to make it on the first date.

I wonder what the Italians say? Facebook shows the enthusiasm of the Italian members and their willingness to go out on a date in the morning. Original, interesting, cool – among Italians is clearly dominated by positive ratings. There are those who celebrate the opportunity to appear on a date with fresh and get enough sleep, there are those who are not ready to “heavy” candlelight dinner and therefore appreciate the opportunity to know each other over coffee and a couple of hot scones with cream … And there are those who with pleased to take the opportunity to see utretsa early to … ex-boyfriend, a pleasant colleague or a neighbor, with whom you have been walking their dogs along, without hurry to talk about this and that at a table in a cafe. In any case, it is worth a try!

Young couple on a coffee date
Young couple on a coffee date

You do not like to have breakfast outside the home? My long been relevant, because you firmly married? Then a homely softest cake, cook that – a piece of cake!

Italians are generally used for this kind of cupcake shaped with a hole in the middle and the name -From cake that resembles the shape of life preserver, Italian ciambella. This cake in Italy love everything from small to large, and eat for breakfast and in the afternoon, just so, or with jam or chocolate paste. And if you have a sweet tooth with the experience, add the dough 100 g of crushed chocolate: cupcake so will be even tastier!

And by tradition, share with you the recipe of my Italian mother-in – straight from the country’s dolce vita you to the table!

Italian cake ciambellone

Ingredients :

1 vanilla yogurt

3 eggs

a pinch of salt

3 proportion of flour (I measure the share of the empty jar of yogurt)

3 proportion of sugar

1 packet of baking powder dough

½ share of milk

grated zest of one lemon

¾ share of sunflower oil

vanilla sugar for dusting

Recipe :

Separate the yolks from the whites and beat with a mixer whites with a pinch of salt until the elastic white foam.
In a separate bowl, mix blender vanilla yogurt and egg yolks.
In the vanilla mixture in turn add the sifted flour with baking powder, sugar, milk, grated lemon peel and sunflower oil, while mixing with a mixer.
Gently stir in protein foam dough smooth movements from the bottom up, so that the dough does not opal.
Rub a baking dish with butter, then lightly sprinkle with flour, put the dough and bake in a preheated 180 degree oven for 50 minutes.
Allow to cool in the oven, then carefully remove from the mold and sprinkle on all sides with vanilla sugar. Done!
And finally – a small Italian secret: if you have not quite experienced pastry, take into service a little trick. To the dough obtained without lumps, first add it whipped protein foam, and only then the baking powder.

Bon Appetit! Buon appetito!