Trinidad and Tobago

It is the capital city of Port of Span, a dual-island Caribbean nation near Venezuela. It is very beautiful and known for some famous beaches. Major attraction to visitor is the beaches but it is also known for its beautiful red birds.

Caroni Swamp

The Caroni Swamp is the second largest mangrove wetland in Trinidad and Tobago. It is located on the west coast of Trinidad, south of Port of Spain and northwest of Chaguanas, where the Caroni River meets the Gulf of Paria.

Tourist Attraction

It is amazing place to see Scarlet Ibis (The Red Bird).  A rare attraction in the Caribbean islands where the Scarlet Ibis can be seen settling down for the night. The Caroni Bird Sanctuary tour is a wonderful one for visitors to Trinidad and Tobago. You have the opportunity to see the scarlet ibis coming in to roost in their hundred. It is a spectacular sight – not to be missed. Other birds and reptiles can be seen close up on the trip by small boat

This was a nice boat tour of the swamps with the different channels you can take and come out to one place. The only scary part was the different big and small SNAKES on the tree branches over your head. However to see the rare birds was really cool, and the sunset from the lake is amazing too.

This is a must-see attraction when you are in Trinidad. You can book a boat trip over the phone during the day. However, You must pay before boarding the boat. The trip takes place about 60 minutes before sunset. In this way you will be able to see the birds returning to their nests. A very serene place!

Memorable Part of Tour?

Watching the scarlet ibis come in for the evening was among the more memorable tourist experiences of ones life. Red Birds mixes colors with golden skies and forming new color with bright blue skies.