With the approach of Christmas and New Year holidays, we think about the costumes to look like these days beautiful, stylish, or just differently than in everyday life. What to wear? Where can I buy? And most importantly – what? Such questions often arise as to the date of the X is only one to two weeks, and a long time to select the appropriate option simply does not remain. But often there is no financial ability to buy a new fashionable dress. So this year I decided to do a compilation of the actual festive outfits, and offer you some proven ideas on how to creatively approach to the process of transformation of the New Year.

Turn your casual outfit on a holiday

Many women do not want to elegant dress for a year hanging in the closet, waiting in the wings, but prefer to wear it in everyday life. It is practical and reasonable! And, of course, possible.

If you have a basic wardrobe of dress (stylistically neutral, perfectly sitting, quite laconic and simple), you can beat it so that it turned into a holiday. Just add it to the perfect dish “spice” – a beautiful and bright clutch, unusual showy shoes (gold or velvet, with an interesting decor or bright colors) and jewelery (catchy ring big bracelet, brooch design, long, eye-catching earrings). This can be done not only with the dress, but with a simple basic jumpsuit or trouser suit.







One, but spectacular thing!

Some women find that the holiday should be sure to buy something new. This can be a silk or velvet top, skirt sparkling, unusual trousers, a velvet jacket. For those who value practicality in everything: this thing can perfectly fit into everyday wardrobe after the holiday if it is the only elegant element in your image and all other things will be daily, with a minimum of accessories. This mix looks very stylish and fashionable.






Dress hire

Take a beautiful dress for rent – this is a great way to celebrate every holiday in a new outfit, to save and not to become attached to things. If space in the wardrobe a bit, and a new dress can not afford, but still nowhere to store it, it is the ideal solution. In addition, so you can experiment with new great images.


Cheerful exchange

I love to change, this is a special joy. Perhaps someone it will seem like child’s play, but what fun is it when in the locker room there is a new thing, but it becomes tiresome thing beloved friend or acquaintance. This, among other things, is also a way not to clutter closet with things that you no longer wear.

If you like this idea, just like me, can be arranged before the holiday festive party with her friends, which will bring each bored in clothes closet. At these parties are always fun, and besides, it’s another reason to meet with a friend.


Subject community

Now very popular community on social networks, where the girls are being parked at a very friendly price of its once worn (or even new) dress that did not fit their size, color and other parameters. This, for example, a community on Facebook ” full wardrobe – nothing to wear! “And” Do not come “in the LJ.

This is another practical and budget way to get a beautiful thing for the holidays. In such societies are also changing and organize garage sales. Try to look back – for sure you will find beautiful and stylish outfit.

Upcoming holidays! Beauty and magic to you!

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