Today I want to talk about the gentle and long-term love. I like working with client groups about the relationship, and one of the most effective approaches to group work – psychodrama.

If psychoanalysis – is “tell me about it,” the psychodrama – “Show how it is you.” The picture of his inner world in psychodrama client outputs and is in the form of sketches, where other members of the group play the role of himself and those who are important to him in the solution of this particular problem: the parents, spouses, children, friends and acquaintances. They can also act as abstract concepts, inanimate objects, the senses: this is my fear, my job, my future.

Last summer, I unexpectedly found himself in the main event of the year psychodramatic – Moscow psychodrama conference. I went to study English for psychology with an emphasis in professional terminology, and colleagues on the language group were the organizers of the event. I did not expect that so many discoveries waiting for me there, and as a customer and as a therapist.

My acquaintance with the conference began with a workshop perinatal psychologist Christina Karpinskaya “Where are the children? Dealing with infertility. ” There I took advantage of a unique opportunity to temporarily regress and stay at the breast baby. Mom got me a warm, experienced, with many children. She took me by the hand and gradually “grow” up to the school prom.

Expectant mother is formed in us as once in a while, when we are still babies in her womb. Psychodrama offers a unique opportunity to return to his very early, unconscious experience and see what happened from then affects you as a mother today.
Vivid impression left by the workshop of Catherine Lopukhina “Rendezvous with my weight.” In the first part of the work we have developed several grotesque parodies and skits about the date. We were divided into groups and were preparing for a date with your ideal weight as a man with a dream. In our group was chosen the main character, which is to rendezvous with its ideal of preparing a team of cosmetologist, barber, manicurist, and other masters of beauty. The heroine bravely endured all manufactured over her manipulations that act out as a very unpleasant and painful – for example, the hair removal wax. “Girls, you’re going to do all this for the sake of a date? Please do not be so! “- I responded to this representation of the male group.

Meeting with her weight, which is truly their own, healthy and most comfortable, it occurred at a pace of dance, melody and movement which participants were asked to choose your own. On the way to the ideal weight can meet obstacles, the role and importance of which can be immediately addressed. The weight that I’m unhappy now – what he gives me the secondary benefits? What if I get skinny so much male attention, which can not cope with this?

An interesting experience was the “dance of anger” from the participants of the conference from Serbia. For the convenience of its Director, that is leading the psychodrama of the action, and the participants switched to English, where she talked with the conference participants from different countries. Excess weight can serve as a “repository” unexpressed emotions, especially those that are condemned in the community and are considered to be negative – eg, anger. At the request of the Serbian participants the whole group sang “dance of anger”, natural and savage, with trampling feet and screaming. The feeling has found its way out, and now the weight is also free. If he no longer has a deterrent function, he can leave.
In the workshop Malygina Vitalina “The metaphor of the secret garden in working with clients who have experience of dependence and co-dependence”, which combines techniques of psychodrama and art therapy, it was possible to create a perfect hideout with invisible outside the entrance. As materials for the construction of the “secret garden” used pictures, live and dried plants, stones, colored glass. Then the participants had the opportunity to create your own secret garden of the people who played a role in it cool breeze, birds singing, the sun caressing and said something that was so important to hear in life.

“Relax, enjoy, you’re safe.”

As the experience of the author’s work, “Secret Garden” – is the right place, which from early childhood dreamed of almost every child is an alcoholic, but had not been able to find it in real life. Psychodrama here gives a unique experience of personal space, boundaries of which no one can break it.

You’re protected, grow, live on.

In Bibliodrama Archpriest Andrei Lorgus and famous psihodramaterapevta Victor Semenov “Meet the biblical patriarchs” party to provide a rare opportunity to read the Scriptures in the people. Do not just run through the eyes, and obviously touch, live. Ask biblical patriarchs precisely those issues that concern you now.

The work met those kings and the prophets, which historically could not talk to each other in real life. The venue they chose the temple of Solomon. I got in Bibliodrama three roles: the prophet Nathan, condemning the king and prophet David, mourners at the grave of the same David and Ark of the Covenant, which was carried solemnly. The latter role has become, perhaps, the most important experience – how to be a relic of stored whole nation. And if I could to itself so treated, so bear ourselves, as it did with me pious Israelites?

Taking advantage of this experience, I have noted your name day bibliodramaticheskim reading those passages from “The Tale of Bygone Years”, which tells about the life of St Princess Olga July 24. After reading in the lives of the people no longer perceive its patron saint as a statue without fear or reproach, who lived a very long time, and is in contact with her as a living person, make choices and experience a live feeling.

At the end of the conference, when we are all very worried because of the cancellation of the master class about the money, I found myself at a very interesting workshop Kryzhanovskaya Tatiana and Olga Malygina “Secret life of the body.” Participants had the opportunity to find out here on the organs. The group was divided into those who wish to play the role of different parts of the body, and then each of them wrote his message head, played by tea. This made it possible to understand what he wants to say to our consciousness every part of our body, showing certain symptoms. Why is it bad, what she wants, what does it mean for our lives?

Then he went to the opposite process – separate bodies gathered into a single body, it was won back from the production of woolen yarn dolls. Head and body are joined and have found harmony.

Psychodrama – a legal opportunity for adults to play. Do what they often do not allow yourself because no children were already serious people. And sometimes it is so, it is enough to spend a bird on a branch or rod of Moses blossoming – and life will open what you do not expect, and what it was impossible to come by conventional means.

Photo from the author’s archive