Daniel Craig probably does not want to return for the legendary movie, and now some names including Tom Hiddlestone and Idris Elba are being considered to replace him.

Priyanka Chopra is also one of those who want to be the next James Bond. The “Quantico” star stated that she is interested to be the first female version of the character as she said in an interview with Complex magazine, “F**k that – I wanna be Bond.”

As we see, she does not want to be the next Bond girl. She wants to be the James Bond!

The Indian actress is quite optimistic about this role. According to TheWrap, Priyanka Chopra is really sure that she is qualified to be the next James Bond.

“I don’t think Bond does too much, he’s just suave and sexy. He rolls out with his martini and fancy cars. Wow, it sounds like my life already.” said her.

She doesn’t even want to change the name character, “It has to be James. It’s so hot.”

However, she is not the only one. According to Aceshowbiz, the American-British actress, Gillian Anderson is also eyeing the role.