Parents want to make a child genius and suffering children … children of ambitious parents … My parents were wrong … Complexes of childhood … Stress due to incorrect settings, data … As a child learn how to build relationships with your parents?

I want today to confess his love to parents. For some reason, recently wrote about the parents’ mistakes, or that our complexes and stress – from childhood, or … Yes, I myself sometimes this sin. But for some reason, very few stories in the internet about which there are wonderful parents. Maximum – a reflection moms that they seem to be quite good at being mothers.

And I will talk about what is the best parents in the world. About his parents.

Mom and Dad always worked, since I can remember. We went to a garden or stayed with their grandmother. Childhood Memory: I get up at night to the toilet, and the Pope is a light – it works: perhaps on an article or thesis, or a difficult task – to achieve stop the mad project turning rivers (and have stopped!). Mom in perfect order contains a house, finding a way in the nineties deficient feeding and clothing so that we do not suspect that they are scarce. No, food scarce on the table was not – but we did not suspect that the parents hard. No not like this. We suspected they knew, but never spoke to the family of that hard. Or difficult. Or bad. We understood that we live in is not the easiest time – parents discussed the shooting of the White House, we stood in line for sugar and palm wrote numbered. But it seemed to remain behind the shield of parental love. When the Union collapsed when suddenly there was the Russian Federation, and confusion and fear hanging in the air, the parents made our childhood carefree and light.

I do not know how parents could keep us in joy. They’re just happy that they have been – and, it seems, we have also worked. When classmates began to travel abroad for a vacation, it was not envy (of which so many are saying, zhivopisuya child and adolescent issues in society with unequal physical facilities). Mom, Dad, how you do it? We understand the value of money, and they know the price and it does not suffer from the fact that almost no pocket money.

If monstrous employment dad arranged for us – me and my brothers – these competitions we guessed classical composers on the tunes passages, wrote essays on any subject, painted and answer questions … when Dad found at this time? I do not know. Mom drove us to the theater, to seek and find the best productions, and have time … When?

In winter, we went for a walk around Moscow and treat tree – then they were different – and choose the most beautiful. And remembers the Moscow streets. In the summer we went for mushrooms and boletus find or boletus was a real joy.

The main gift for all holidays were the books – under the Christmas tree for the New Year has always been not just one or two … The new year was the most magical holiday and a time when the Orthodox argue his celebrate or not to celebrate, and celebrate modestly, I just wonder … We celebrated, and was a post, and the tree was, and there were gifts, and nobody thought that something was missing, and then came the depth and the triumph of Christ. Children’s romantic night services, and no doubt the parents that we will be able to survive, and their faith in us, and our common faith.

We have a long time there was no TV – and this is also happiness. There were records and filmstrips, had plenty of time to walk, it was time for something to quarrel and make up, help at home, to go shopping, to come up with their own productions, play board games just appeared “Manager”, “The Bermuda Triangle” …

I do not remember that parents us something forbidden. Rules of life were the parents, our lives merilas them. After reading “The Lord of the Rings” I got carried away and went to Tolkienism Eglador – crowd tolkinistov Neskuchnii garden. Never parents did not show doubt or mistrust of my hobby – and it is with them I shared discoveries, and the first verse and the first love, to which they reacted calmly and seriously.

How and where they got the resources for us? I do not know, and the more, the less and less I know.

Parents have given us the most happy childhood – a fabulous and carefree.

The parents trusted me in most situations, the peak of adolescence and youth.

Dad and Mom had the courage to support me when it seemed that the world was falling apart on the head by shrapnel sky.

I would like to childhood, adolescence and youth of my child were as happy. I would like us to talk more about how much happiness – and life itself – parents gave us. How I would like to see parents finally paid tribute to and remember every happy moment with them. It is only this experience we can pass on to our children a negative experience they do not need …

But what about the complex? – Incredulously asks someone.

We are adults – can handle.