We often talk with other moms about how kids try to help us around the house.

This is an older, Barbara, washed the floor and vacuumed the entire apartment. Well, not perfect, of course. For children clean – this is when wet.

Sonya wiped the dust. Very selectively, patterns, but still …

Four-Dunya movingly said, “Mom, how to help you?”. And I thought: “Which is better, if it will help me or just will not stop?”.

A two year old Tonya never said anything, but simply unwound a roll of toilet paper dipped in the toilet and began to wash the mirror in the hallway …

Someone remembers how in the age of three “helped” her grandmother and heartily Otter dirty doormat her favorite trellis. Someone is already one of our adult friend, decided to ease the life of his grandfather, and burn the weeds while he slept. And he burned the barn. And then screeched to skedaddle from him throughout the village. Someone else looked a little film like sailors drayat deck, and poured it on the floor in the room a few buckets of water. In the sweat of working – wanted to please their parents. Until the neighbors came from below, who somehow dripped from the ceiling.

I’ll be honest – I did not help parents. More precisely, once, at a very early age, I was trying to, but they did not like it. Do not like it when I spit on a handkerchief and “to shine” grated window in the kitchen. “But all laundered yesterday – bitterly sighed mother – and now all over again! It was the best you could play. ” I do not like it when I was washing the dishes in cold water, and it remains oily. “Go away, I’d rather she” – mom pushed me toward the door. I do not like it when I sat down with her to sculpt dumplings and “translated” half the dough and meat. “Do not bother!” – She was angry.

No, my mother did not want to hurt me. She meant well. Make faster and go for a walk with me. She was still so much to do! And I am no longer in the way. I do no longer something to try to do the housework. She’s already told me when I became an adult. “If things back!” – She sighs today. I cook, in fact, learned only when married. One of my friends still remember how I called her and whispered into the phone that her husband did not hear: “Ol! Tell me how to cook the broth. ”

“With my kids I will be different – I decided once. – I’m from the cradle to train them to work and never say: “Do not bother!”. And so we came up with Barbara. With her growing up in the house came chaos. Wherever I sat down, I dug in any detail by the designer, or any toy began muffled sing at me from under the soft spot a song about a baby mammoth. Wherever I went in the apartment, more like a minefield, I will cry with stepping on any toy carnations key, cube, or the head of the doll.

“Why do not you clean up after a toy!” – I was angry. And I began nervously to throw everything into boxes. “Mom, let me help,” – murmured Barbara. – “I myself, it’s faster.” Yes! I said. I also wanted the best. Variusha offered to help me with the cooking, and I replied, “Oh, come another time … I’m in a hurry.” And his daughter was sad to her dolls. And I cooked in child posudku porridge. And then, just when she grew up, I was sad that she never offers to help. She did everything I asked, I always without a hands-free. But she did not offer. One day I asked her – why? “I’m afraid you interfere,” – said the daughter.

And then I peeped, as the same Barbara teaches our fourth daughter, make a pot.

– Look, keep straight, thick as thieves, – she said.

– Yes, yes – it is important polutoragodovalaya Tonya nodded. And then he poured all the contents on the floor.

– Well, I wish I made myself – I was angry.

– Mom, I wipe, – comforted me Varya. – If she does not learn, she never learns!

My 11 year old daughter was wiser than me.

And I remember, mother in law, grandmother Kate, a woman is simple, grown village, in a large family, once said to me: “May there always helps, even if the way. And praise! Praise! Even if by the help of want to cry! “. I saw her praised granddaughters when they helped her to fry burgers, and the whole table, kitchen, curtains, on which someone wiped the fuse in the culinary hands were stuffing.

– Look, this is Sonia (our second) fully prepared itself – showing me the grandmother Katya some shapeless embers. And then the joy of her granddaughter heroically ate them. All to a man! And on her face did not flinch a muscle. I watched in horror at her and thought, “I was poisoned or not? It seems alive … “.

She praised them when they set the table for tea and poured into a saucer of jam. They invited her to the table, she sat on a stool and realized that her new skirt stuck. And that not only preserves this stool, but also on the floor.

– What’s your delicious tea – extolled the grandmother Katya.

– You can still varenitsa?

– Can! – Happy Dunya (the third), and immediately turned the half a tin on the table.

Grandmother tearfully praised them when they helped her in the country to weed out the weeds and weed out half the strawberries.

– What are the stalwarts – discreetly dabbing at her eyes, she said. – No bed, and parquet. Not a single blade of grass.

And daughter happy … How they rejoiced! And how else would help. Shouted excitedly: “Grandma, what else to do for you.” And she smiled. And they like to help his second grandmother, my mother, mold dumplings. She was no longer worried that the girls “translate” beef with dough. Maybe it comes with age.

And I look at them and remember the sad Varin words: “I’m afraid to stop you, Mom!”.

I will not make profound conclusions and tell how to raise children. Every mother knows itself. Yes, and I do not pomudrela for this. But life has done everything for me, we have four children, and it is clear that without their help, I just can not do it. Yes, as long as they learn, I drink more than one vial of valerian, but the other way, apparently not.
By the way, eldest Varia already can do everything! She is my main support and support. However, I taught her that I did not. Just when her younger sister were born, she had a lot to do most. And she liked it. Babies generally important to feel that they can help us and do something “adult”.

Yes, I sometimes very easy to wash the plates, than with a shudder to look like a four-Dunya translates all bank funds, despite my assurances that “a drop of faerie can wash the mountain of dishes, even in cold water! ‘. She does not believe, so everything around in the foam. But what she was pleased:

– Mom, I helped you?

– Yes, my daughter, help!

And I start to destroy the foam drifts.

I find it easier to stroke the most underwear than entrust it to Sonia, who faithfully looks me in the eye:

– Mom, can I?

– Yes, you can!

How she shines. She strokes, like an adult! And then he burns a hole in their lacy blouse. And I … I almost want to explode and take away her iron … but remember the words of my mother, “If life back!” .. And the grandmother Katya: “Praise! Even if I want to cry! “.