The police went to his home for an alleged scam. There they found tigers, monkeys and skunks

Trisha faces legal charges for endangering her daughter 14 years to do it live with the wild animals. 1
Can you imagine living with three tigers in your house? And add to that some skunks, monkeys and a fox? Well that was life Trisha Meyer and her daughter 14 years until the police discovered the danger of his residence. Everything happened for something that was not much to see: a complaint for alleged fraud against Trisha, who agreed to sell a puppy and kitten did not.

The complaint came from a man in California, USA, and she lived in Texas. The distance did not prevent the police arrived to do their job and discovered the huge cats prowling the dining room.
Trisha had permits to live with tigers, who came from one of the many farms that species there are in the United States, but not to take home to foxes, skunks and monkeys.

She also admitted that the monkeys had violent behavior and sometimes attacked people.
As detailed in the Daily Mail, when Trisha realized that the arrested for not having the proper permissions, he decided to escape to Nevada. There he was arrested on 4 November.

Meyer faces charges of theft and endangering a minor, crimes for which he was prosecuted in Nye County , Nevada.
According to the same British media, Trisha animals only locked when he left his home.

Tigers, monkeys and skunks were in charge of organizations ensure their welfare and eventually adopted.