“Secret Santa” – a great way to please family, friends and colleagues and do not go broke. Professor of Mathematics, University of London and author of the book “Mathematics of Love” Hannah Fry tells how to spend the perfect gift exchange and accurately maintain anonymity.



” Secret Santa” ( “Secret Santa”, “Kris Kindle”) – Christmas game in which a group of people exchanging gifts anonymously. Usually in the “Secret Santa” play at work, in large families or friends, because it’s a great opportunity to limit the number and cost of gifts.
Rules “Secret Santa”:

For each participant make a card of two equal parts.
On top of writing, “You – the number of X” and below “you are giving a gift of X number.” Rooms on the halves should match. If the top is written, “You – the number 1”, the bottom should be “you are giving a gift number 1”.
We place sheets of labels down and stir.
Spread them in a row, without turning, and cut each card in half.
Then swap the upper half, moving them to the right or to the left, and the resulting glue cards.
Now, each participant can choose a card.
We make a list of where everyone writes their name, and the resulting number.
We negotiate the amount you are willing to spend on all gifts .
Anonymity guaranteed accurate exchange of gifts, because you stirred card before you cut them. A number above and below will not be the same, so that no one will pull itself.

Enjoy the game, my friends!