FAQ : Barbara Karaulova – 19-year-old student at the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University (expelled in October 2016). At the end of May 2015 tried to escape to Syria to join the “Islamic State” (a terrorist organization banned in Russia – Ed. ).. Thanks to his father, who promptly raised the alarm, the girl caught on the Turkish-Syrian border and returned home. First criminal case against Barbara decided not to prosecute, considering that she was the victim of experienced recruiters, but due to the fact that it did not stop contacts with the virtual bride (actually recruiter), the girl is still a criminal case. The parents of former students explained the behavior of her daughter so that she could not overcome a pathological love for radical Islamists. Itself Barbara told investigators that he “went to Syria to the beloved man” and not to join the terrorists.

A few days ago, the court found guilty of a Woman in an attempt to join the banned Russian international terrorist group “Islamic state” and sentenced her to 4.5 years in prison. Barbara will serve his sentence in a penal colony ( on the materials of “Russian Newspaper” ).
Recently I came across a topic I would like to exchange his thirty twenty? No way, I said – I’m not the enemy itself. In my 20 I was the one to one Karaulova Barbara.

When I read the story of this little girl, my heart sinking. I am infinitely sorry for her. Because in it I see myself ten years ago. I am right girl, an excellent student, studying at the Faculty of Humanities, and all eager to find love. My parents are divorced, my mother does not understand me. Hangs on the forums with clever men talk in ICQ. All such serious business and cynical intellectual. And inside the little girl frightened.

I had even two visits to my online lover. Once – in St. Petersburg for 3 days, I stopped working Simca and I searched with the police. The second time – in Azerbaijan. We met with the boy, who build from a Nazi. At that time it was fashionable, rather than radical Islamism. I then built himself from a Jew. So romance was heaps, Montagues and Capulets in practice.

So I can easily suppose that to me now whether my 20 years, I might well have to throw to the beloved to the Middle East.

The other day in facebook friend asked about Karaulov: “Well, how do you can fall in love on the internet ?!”. “Easy,” – I say. On the Internet even easier – you fall in love with a man who thought of herself in the character, in the projection of their own “in the active search.” All my online romance offline diminished. Although, they say, some people then create happy families.

So when they write that Karaulova – clever, insidious intellectual, who prepared the attack and was cynical recruit – I do not believe it. But it is possible to fall in love in a brutal terrorist to a state of obsession – easily. And it’s not personal as terrorists, and excellent pupil syndrome girls. Girls neurotic, which absolutely no loved ones. That used to be good, but wants freedom and still does not know what, do not self-confident – and yearns to be a bad girl, and cool “revolutionary.” No, better wife revolutionary. To me it is all protected, he was a stern and uncompromising, and only with me would be a gentle kitten.

Probably smart psychologists would say that the brutal terrorist – it’s just a projection of the animus, masculine, strong-willed, hard-start card, which have crushed contradictions excellent pupil-girls do not get to grow within itself.

Do not misunderstand me: I do not want in the text or talk about the horrors of Islamism, nor discuss the work of the FSB. I say that on the spot Karaulova could easily be thousands of unmarried Russian women. Women, who are always in active search order for someone “like a stone wall.” Women, what was I ten years ago.

I’m sure that “love sick”, which led Karaulov behind bars – this is not something exceptional, in that impossible to believe. Just not all women suffer from loneliness caught terrorists. Someone – “only” alcoholics, drug addicts, rapists. Even geeks and pedophiles that their loving friend to help – or turning a blind eye to the hobby “favorite”. Or jealous of her own daughter, who should instead be protected from encroachments beloved hubby.

What is really there to talk about the “mad love” flashing to married – it all seems to be “in the order of things.” Like, do not care about conventions, it’s love, it can not be controlled. People throw their children, demolish the life of others – but do not see the tragedy, still normal people, everyone has the right to “love.” This loneliness that requires sacrifice.

Whether business – Varvara. She’d certainly cynical malicious creature. Suicide. For its grille and longer.

And I read it all and think: what a blessing that in my 20 years have not been popular with radical Islam. Otherwise, it is possible that I would have with my loved ones are not police in St. Petersburg looked for, and the FSB in Syria.

unnamed-1Commented monk Gennady (Voytishko), head of the Information Service of the Synodal Department for Religious Education and Catechesis:

It is difficult to judge on the case, without knowing the details of the investigative process. But I have carefully read the indictment and the last word in court Karaulova Barbara.

Double impression. For me it is obvious that she is not telling much. Judging by its performance, it is “all so naive,” silly, searching for a great and pure love … Let. But
it is also more than likely that everything that happens to her, she was well aware of. Tomic St. Augustine, brought to court Karaulova, – is not a coincidence: the Philosophy Faculty romantically minded idiots there. The people there with great intellectual potential.

Whatever it was, in fact, and in another case, Barbara is a real threat. If it is so stupid, it could easily “blind” used for terrorist purposes. If all knew … that there even imagine scary than it might all end.

But there is in this whole story is one more important thing. The fact that there was no emotional contact with her, and no one is not sounded the alarm (neither family nor school, or friends) – is a judgment on our society.

Although, what to say … how many of these “Loneliness” in the network, for which the real world – no more than “flashing images,” and Network – oecumene ?! How many of these people who do not have confidence to anyone to talk heart to heart, just be heard and heard with their inner pain, with their unfulfilled hopes, with their spiritual collapse. Flight to LIH (terrorist organization banned in Russia. – Ed. ) As an attempt to revolt against such a world, a world that, in the opinion of these girls – completely fake.

The tragedy is that in the world of radical Islam, this would be only death. Everything else – from recruitment to the last suggestion about the sacrifice of the belt for the highest ideals of Shaheed – a lie. The cynical and cowardly.

Sorry … Sorry Varia and many other young men and women who find themselves in such a trap set whether or recruiters LIH obsessed leaders suicide groups in social networks. But a pity there is not enough.

Returning to the sentence … Four and a half years fly by very quickly. And the likelihood of release on parole is quite acceptable. And what will happen next? Is Varvara reconsider Will? In the history of Russia were fighters who served with the regime. whether they have changed?