Let’s take a break from all the drama between Taylor Swift and Kanye West which is seemed to has no end and move to this romantic story.

Pippa Middleton has reportedly got engaged to her boyfriend, James Matthews on Saturday, July 16 in the Lake District.The couple are reportedly going to get married next year.

According to Daily Mail, James was reportedly “dropping to his knees and preparing and even more spectacular sight – drawing out a stunning diamond ring from deep within a pocket.” while the couple was enjoying beautiful scenery.

Kate Middleton’s sister then was reportedly seen to be “completely and totally surprised”. Well, who won’t?

We did not really hear much about this couple, but they reportedly started dating in 2012. They called it quit, but finally, they were reunited after her break-up with Nico Jackson last year.

As cited from Aceshowbiz, a friend described James as a man who “worked very hard from an early age”.

“He’s a smart chap but also the sort of bloke you would be proud to call a friend. He made a huge amount of cash from hedge funds and some more from the London property market.” the friend said. “We’re talking millions here and you don’t do that by the age of 40 unless you are a sharp cookie. And James is very bright.”

Wow! Congratulation, Pippa!