Masha Ji – man unique profession. That is, on the one hand, it is, of course, the photographer, and the other – the photographer, specializing in shooting childbirth. Moreover, Masha – the first Russian man who made it his profession.

“And do not shoot DO I baby?”

Masha, tell me, please, how did you become a photographer at birth?

Usually, photographers start to shoot children and babies, when they have their own children, and in general, the majority of family photographs is a girl who first gave birth to themselves, then they took off their children, and then went to shoot strangers. In my case, it was absolutely not true. I worked as a programmer, implementers of ERP-systems, my husband and I traveled across the country, carried out all life on mission, and I have in the whole of our active life was a great outlet. While in the center of Moscow there were all sorts of photo studio, and was still LiveJournal, and there were many photographers published in LJ. Most of them were sitting in these studios, we went to work for them, to do portraits, nudes everything, everything, and I like a man who does not get drunk by any amount of alcohol, enjoys photography and loves the company of men, running after all his trips there we set light to shoot all in a row, and it was indescribable experience. Then I studied at the courses we took master classes: in those days it was decided to go to each other to learn. I begin with nudes and portraits. And when I had my own children, I realized that the photo of a child it’s a completely different world, and knowledge of the tricks of portraiture in the world is not enough.


What happened next?

One morning I woke up and thought: Do not shoot me a newborn? The great strength of Facebook through a friend, I found a girl who was in the later stages of pregnancy, and shooting took almost three days. I took the child, but … they did not like the result. Well, anyway, it seemed to me, and I was very impressed. I sent this work to some exhibition, as well forgotten. Then I came to the directories that these pictures taken, and they have been in the top 50 at the exhibition in China, England, somewhere else. That made me a little inspiration and instill hope that, perhaps, I took the best thing, and should continue. Then just as suddenly I got the idea: instead of whether to shoot me baby? It was interesting, because the childbirth a rare situation when a man such as he is, for a photographer this is the fact: people without a social mask openly responds to what is happening.


Where are you looking for your first “models”?

In the Internet. It’s hard enough to find, of course, but it is real. But perhaps I would not have to develop this area, unless there was a single shot, which received wide publicity. Once in the night I called the owner of one of the obstetric community and asked them to remove the ads show the work of midwives at home and in the hospital.

And how did you like the experience?

It was unusual and very interesting. I came here, it was a small apartment in “Khrushchev”, I sat on the floor, waiting for … Mom, completely naked, I went to the apartment, to wait out the fight, then talking to us, leaving a. Huge red cat watched with interest for me, sometimes substituting his side for scratching. Then we brought the same midwife mother to the hospital, and then I took off already in the hospital. The very next week, we posted photos on Facebook, and they collected 125 thousand views that Facebook is very well, and it’s just me, but many midwives have collected themselves, I do not know. Then these photos made a video re-released it … In general, we have created a precedent shooting.

What happened next?

Due to the fact that the survey became known, other people started to contact me. It worked well and luck, when, for example, I called at 4 am the boss midwives and said I was fourth, whom she calls all refused to go shoot, because they had no one to entrust their children at 4 am. I agreed.

MA in itself and poses PA

As laboring women respond to you?

They respond very well usually they invited me to give birth.

I ask because, in my recollection, during childbirth me less than anything else wanted to close was someone else’s.

I have a unique ability: I merge with the walls is not visible to me. I can hang from the ceiling. I have pictures that are made through the chandelier, and all only one question: as I climbed back, no one has yet seen. In fact, the future mother, being in labor, some altered consciousness, and if the birth goes well, it is in his own world and does not notice your presence. When it is drawn, sometimes you have to touch it, because the person is absent. This is a sign of good birth: all efforts aimed at birth, and everything that happens outside, it is not interesting. In addition, I do not do very much staff, when a person simply lies in the House I try to take pictures when she is busy with the midwife when they are not up to me, so they did not notice my presence, in principle, and travail I especially do not it is seen.











I had a case where I have one mother asked to leave. She did not expect that the birth will go so that she will be hurt, that it will not take anesthesia, and at some point it is very clearly commanded: “My husband, and come away. From the hospital at all come out, come out of the building. ” And I realized that I was next, already going slowly. She looked up and said: “Photographer! You too go out. But you go out into the hallway, sit there. You know, poor me. ” I say, “I understand everything. If anything, we then let the child pofotografiruem “. She said: “Excellent! Get out of everything. ” And I went out and sat in the hallway, and when he entered the obstetrician, I went with him and took off from the mother permission appearance baby. And we are still perfectly communicate with his father and mother.

By the way, some people ask me after birth, my name. This is also a normal reaction, that they forget my name, “photographer, I do not remember how you, thank you!”.

Masha, but as pope in this situation behaved?

Pope this is my separate issue. I love to watch as Pope for the first time take the baby hand, lost, afraid to drop … I mam this instinct developed over: there was a child and we know how to embrace and what to do with it, even if we have children at all did not see in the eyes. With dads interesting. They basically did not know what to do with your child how to keep, how to turn.






You said Mom fly on some own planet. And the behavior of the Pope?

There are posing the Pope, and I really like it when there is an element of the game to the public. But it’s all in the normal range, because it does not go into full pose he’s just a little bit longer shows his emotions. I came across the wonderful dad helped me a lot, and many shaken by how they behave in childbirth.

The shaken?


In what it is expressed?

Hard to say. It is necessary to see how the corridor is a great dad, holding a small plate of cupcakes and says: “Masha, eat, please.” Why me? “Masha, eat, you also sit here all night.” One day, his wife drove her husband out the door, the door I stand, and my father behind me, and I was sure that his close review of what he was in the hallway, he sees nothing. Pass delivery, and suddenly I heard a strange sound from behind, turn around and he is, bent to be invisible, only the eyes visible, lying on my shoulder and cries.

Many dads, probably for the first time in my life experienced such emotions. They do not cry alone somewhere in a corner they are trying to enter into this process, at least a little to touch my mother and the child, such as this around the touch, take some part. Very often the pope stately, prominent, such as office workers, it is clear that they are high-ranking officials or something like that, and it is clear that they are not accustomed to express their emotions. And then it happens. That this reaction is very sincere, very timid and gentle. And this is not in itself an emotion an emotion outside and the desire simply to help all those around.

As this affection is expressed toward his wife, a child?

For the most part come, pat, hold the handle. This, of course, very simple, but it is most effective. There were a couple of cases, when the promised to buy a car or something else. One time there was a lot of fun it was not my birth, I was just standing at the door and heard screams and a hortatory voice: “You know, honey, the purple machine? Buy. A fur coat purple remember? Buy “. And in the next moment a cry baby. I previously thought that this anecdote. And when faced in my life, I realized this is really the case, and this approach works!

How do you relate to the doctors?

Good enough. I always work in agreement with the doctor. If parents want to shoot, and the doctor does not allow so I do not come. I can not work against the will of the physician.


What generations most memorable for you?

Once he agreed with me about shooting the girl who was supposed to give birth to twins in August. And I’m absolutely not suggesting that she will give birth early, went to Voronezh. I managed to stay in Voronezh 40 minutes, after that I called the doctor and said that my mother’s deterioration, and today she will make a caesarean. I was terrified. And I will always remember our conversation with the doctor. I say: “It can also be tragic birth on this term whether to shoot it and suddenly it?” She says, still with bitterness: “No, it will not be tragic. It will be dramatic. ” I say, “I see. Good. Just a second”. I open the phone calendar and realize that after 40 minutes the plane flies to Moscow. I called, say, “have time?” Say: “Yes.” I say: “Well, in 14 hours, I’ll be in the hospital.” And at 2 pm I really was in the hospital. The two mother and father were I am very glad, they absolutely do not understand what is happening, what is this Caesar what awaits them. And I have another two hours before surgery palaver mom and dad during operation palaver him after the operation her soothing, sorry. Up to the fact that children are breathing yourself, and the children do not see anything, they say: “What happened to them,” I say, “So, quietly. They breathe themselves. All is well”. And then, when finished, Dad went to the children, and I understand that now he sees closed incubators and ventilation (ventilators), because certain children on mechanical ventilation put 32 week away and will have to save my father, because he does not expect to see it. And in this whole situation, I can not do nothing, I am complicit. I’m there. I can not stand by while someone is bad.

Why do parents have not seen once children?

They see, but not for long. When a baby is born prematurely, resuscitators for a few seconds to quickly remove the mucus from the nose, treat it with grease vaseline oil, quickly show my mother: “Here it is, see?” And run away with the child to his room, there to further examine the child and, if necessary, immediately start to provide the necessary medical care. If born two children all the same, just with each child runs a separate team of doctors. Fraction of a second and all, they’re gone. Then silence, calm, easy operation is: my mother is, my father, who does not understand anything, sitting beside my mother … Then Dad and I run into the children’s intensive care unit, and see how the children there. We ran back to his mother in intensive care (after cesarean section mother spends six o’clock in the intensive care unit and then it is transferred to the postnatal ward) and tell her how things were going. Usually I stay calm, and I can reassure new parents. But I had a case where after the operation in the intensive care unit ran grandmother my mother gave birth to a girl, put her arm around her daughter, the daughter began to cry, and I realized that I too was crying. Then, when I processed this survey, I reached mothers and all in tears again.












Surely you were stories with a sad ending.

There were.

What is your task in this situation – just quietly disappear, or …

You can never just disappear if you are present at birth, you are always involved. The situation can be very different, and not only with the child, but also a mother.

What are you doing?

To provide moral support. After that I stopped working with home delivery.

It was a time?

Yes. I’m assuming then a month gathering, it was incredibly difficult. Let’s not talk about that. When a person is to learn from the doctor, he realizes that he can face the irreparable. When you go to photograph birth, also need to understand that yes, tragedy can happen before your eyes.


What sorts turned out completely different and unexpected for you?

When I was in it, I would like to see the blatant human emotions, and I see, probably something else. For us the work of the doctor it is something mundane. But now I know that they, the doctors, erased the line between ordinary and miraculous, because what I saw, what was happening before my eyes, sometimes bordered simply fantastic. I can not forget it, it can not be removed, but I saw it. For example, in one operation obstetrician, has not removing the child already assisted him inserted her finger into his mouth, and he was still inside, this baby. Cesarean, emergency, some fraction of a second when there is inserted into the hand rotates very quickly finger, removed the child, and you realize that now he saved the life. This routine, and wonder, and some kind of substance that I do not understand. The more I do it, the more I realize that I have seen not only mothers, but also for doctors, for what they are doing. I have great trepidation treat certain transactions, to what is happening there. Apparently, the doctor was killed in me, because I’m interested.

Stay there any romantic expectations with which you started this?

Romanticism is held after the first time, when you see how the resuscitation. There have been a completely different situation. I saw the doctors doing the behavior of the mother, and slowly lost all this romanticism, but instead it is a greater understanding of what is happening. The picture has become more complete, I now realize that doctors are doing during the birth, and can for its part help the mother in some cases, to explain it, because sometimes doctors do not even have a chance to explain what is happening. Photographer it daula including. In childbirth expectant mothers sometimes scary, and you are helping them, you said something, even just this point is put teeth I can do it. If I see that my mother starts to panic, I realize that it must divert. Gynecologist will not work with her panic, it will not be calm, or rather will be, but in a different way. The gynecologist came and went, and I’m here. And the dance begins: I palaver, I tell stories, and legs of stroke, and the Pope will send for some water, just to push her out of this state.

I find it difficult to formulate a question, because we have come to a point where words no longer work. Can you describe the child’s meeting with his mother? When you begin to pick up the definition, it becomes vulgarity …

All generations are different. Most often the first reaction tears of joy. But often the child does not immediately begin to cry, so often still happens that the first mother phrase: “He’s breathing.” I know that he was breathing, I see the color of his skin, and I know that the child is the same color can not breathe. But, of course, my mother scared. Therefore, the meeting is always different, completely different emotions. They can not be described in words.

I definitely know that neither in the first nor in the second delivery at the time of the meeting with the child, I did not look to me worth shooting.

If I am asked to shoot accurately, worrying about appearance, I’ll take care. I am a sensitive man, and gently remove. You can not remove the person so that he then experienced all life, so that it was removed, it is disrespectful to him. Therefore, a person is very important for me to stay in such a way that he himself liked. I’m not talking about the model looks or model shooting of gloss and glamor, I have this in principle, no, but my mother, who for the first time holding a baby, I’ll take off so that it will be seen that it is mothers meeting and child, and not Furthermore. There will be a profile of her, which would, so to speak, not trampled her understanding of beauty. Besides, I often shoot in black and white for me it is an opportunity to draw the viewer’s attention to the emotions that slipped through at this moment. I cling them and show.










I think people often can not understand why this is even necessary – to take delivery. They are currently recording births as a kind of “chernushny” photo essay: pain, blood, mucus …

None of this, I do not shoot. I take off my emotions, feelings. Moment of meeting a new person, which was expected, which has already been pre-loved and familiar with him.

Do you consider yourself a man held in the profession?

Yes. You yourself probably know that the photographer is the person who left is not for money, but for a way of life. You’ll never be rich and famous it is impossible to photograph, but you can live the life that you want. I’ll be short one in his profession. It is clear that I did not come up generations removed it did before me, but I made it my permanent job. Most of the photographers are not faced with childbirth, remove one or two times to go because he did not seek the opportunity to do it all the time, and I got so that I found my niche, my path. I really wanted to make the industry appeared in Russia and had a sensitive nature, so it is always doing recording only emotions, without physiology.

How would you formulate the main purpose of his work?

My job as a photographer to make those shots, so that later, when the time will pass, the parents looked at them and relive all the emotions of the moment. When I gave birth to first daughter, we had no photographs because, like many novice parents, my husband and I did not understand what the birth. The second time I came over prepared, and the husband shot me. And when I’m open these pictures, I have a state of merriment coming we have a second birth was very positive. I ran away from anesthesiologists, saying: “Try, catch up!” It looked very funny for me running the anesthesiologist and obstetrician laughed: “catch up himself, I will not catch it.” When I review all these photos, I live it all over again. So I understand: I do these pictures to people relive all the positive things that happened to him at birth. A positive I can find.

Dmitrieva Ksenia Knorre