“A terrible country! People are rude, arrogant, there is nothing absolutely, no service! “.

I Come. Normal people, normal food, well, not the most luxurious of hotels, but I did not come to sit in a hotel, right?

“Little town is small, nothing to watch, gray, half a day to get around, you can!”.

I run a half-day, and I understand that the city is amazing, in every museum you can hang out for hours, let alone to roam – even on the same streets – can be a day, dissolved in a different atmosphere, listening to the language and looking at the faces of the people living here.

I do not want to talk about tourism and about the marvelous city and the country, although the topic is interesting to me and close. Today, I was hooked on the idea that everything we see around us – a reflection of our inner state. Short remark: “terrible” country – my favorite Serbia, and dull gray town – the city of Johann Sebastian Bach – Leipzig.

How often it happens that people come to another city or country, and there are not some kind of fairy tale, fairy miracle, and see only the same city, the same country, the same people. And there is, I think, the internal grievance. Perhaps psychologists would explain a little more correct, I do not know how to explain how I feel, because it’s not just travel – it applies to films and articles, and books, and going to the restaurant, and meeting new people, and new operation.

They say that man is made in such a way that unconsciously afraid of everything new, and therefore any contact with the new information, new patterns of being, in a word, all that can be collectively called “other” or “other” causes stress. And then the person or another is ready to take it, or not ready. Accordingly, the planned scenario “good” or “bad.” When a person knows in advance that he will get acquainted with the new information, it is adjusted to a certain way. For example, we will read a new book, and even at this stage, quietly turned on one of the units, “this book is exactly what I will give something (even if it is understanding, I will not read that the more I particular author),” or “the book as advertised, it will give me exactly nothing “, or” read, but we’ll see. ” This “tuning” will affect the reading of the results, and after reading the mood.

With travel these mechanisms work more clearly. Sometimes there is such a setup, “I am going, going on a trip, at home (at home, in his hometown) I did not all right, but it is there that everything must be enchanting, I’m going to forget about the problems.” Sometimes this attitude is justified: people came to Mallorca and there the sun, the sea sparkles and the hotel 4 stars. And sometimes people come to a country where people live, burdened with everyday problems, the sun, but there is, to paraphrase Kundera, “the unbearable heaviness of being” … Or at the airport have no luck with the border guards, customs officers, taxi drivers. And includes a different mechanism: “I came, but now everything is bad! So, and this is bad, and it’s bad, and it’s bad. ” And mental strength are intended only to criticize, to discuss seen the bad side, and on the way in that same dirt / poverty / ruin these Serbs live / Romania / Americans (it does not matter who and how to live in reality). There comes the same effect of frustrated expectations, which is nothing worse for a tourist / knigomana / no gourmet. I came-read-tried, and you do not like us.

Another trap – it is the assumption that someone somebody something must. Bulgarians should we love, we freed them. And the French, we also ought to love, we freed them, too. And we Germans do have to wear hand, we give them the file Bach records returned.

But no one owes nothing to. Lord, this phrase is as old as the world, but I repeat (and myself twenty times a day, too, I swear!). No one owes nothing to nobody. And one people to another – even more so. People – it’s a great concept, geopolitical. And we – ordinary people – come to another country and communicate with others, such as the common people. And do not say that we are taking their money to support their economies. It is ridiculous. To us in the Russian tourists also arrive, and someone feels that our economy is growing stronger day by day and is growing? The money in the economy – it’s big. And every day, for example, Venice crowds of tourists and Venetians them can not see the mother, lover, such a beautiful city. Two sides of the same coin. Blessed is wise enough to see both sides and used as cheerful Pollyanna, infinite “and on the other hand.”

More often in a different way. City of gray, a little there the bartender did not say so, here in English refused to answer, Give them French. And Give. And why do they have in English at home to talk about? Because the global language? So this old Frenchman its global language is not selected, it put before the fact. And he does not like the English. He may, like most Chinese. And if you say “hello” in French, and then used her fingers to it and it will be easier. So no, the city is gray, unfriendly people, and in general there is Russian does not like, because I have them in Russian and they look sullen and did not understand. Well, do not understand. To me if the Tajik-turn, I can, too, I do not understand. Yes, and in the direction sharahnus. And then be ashamed.

And then begin to write posts on the Internet: all bad. And there is nothing. And people do not like that. And do not read, do not look, do not go. Well, someone does not believe, check to make up their minds. Some believe, and maybe do not know that well with the Kalemegdan Fortress to watch as the sun sets over the Danube. And I will break your head over one question: why is that so nasty and horrible to throw out those who will read the Public about traveling in a social network? Of course, when painted with the pros and cons, and then you can talk about the practical value. And if everything is bad-bad-bad, why? Add to the world of good and positive?

As it is difficult to open the mind and see, there is more good than bad. And good people in any country any more. And even in the teeny-tiny town there is a beautiful place, which are not present. In Russia, this city – Usinsk. Little. And a lot of mosquitoes. And gnats. But what’s a beautiful temple! And the monument mosquito. It seems to be more special in the eyes does not rush anything, and already – beauty. An unforgettable city!