Layfhaker tells of service that will turn your smartphone or tablet into a real TV. Eighty channels only legal content and the ability to view at any time and in any place – Peers.TV you enjoy.


If suddenly some kind of channel you have found, it is not the fault of Peers.TV. Some TV channels are capricious and did not want to be added to the application, but it is often only a matter of time.

In the case when you want to see something interesting, but flipping the channels no particular desire, Peers.TV prepared for you some interesting options. You can choose from the fact that now there is a live, or listen to the opinion of the masses and have fun watching


Contribution – is programs and films, divided into several thematic groups: the humor, all for the children, music, cognitive, best TV series and movies. Speaking of movies: Online Peers.TV there is a section with legal films, which is updated and replenished every day.



Channels that occurred especially you like, you can add in the “Favorites”. So it will be much easier to keep track of ether.


For citizens who are closely interested in what is happening in the country and the world, is the “News” section. Here and politics, and fresh news from the field of culture and information to the securities market, and “How would the news” – stories about all sorts of funny incidents.

Want more – all in your hands. Add vending playlist is simple: specify the address and gives any name. The channels will appear immediately in the list.


Transfers can be added to your personal file – they will be in the cloud storage for 30 days. All this time, you can watch them on your iPod, iPhone or iPad.

What’s the catch?

Not with anything. No, I understand you perfectly when you get for free something good, could not help to pretend, what trick could hide behind such a proposal. Disappoint too suspicious: everything is clean.

Yes, some of the channels are available only by subscription, yes, the free version periodically pops up ads – well, okay. In the end, this is the subscription costs of funny money: for 59 rubles a month, you save yourself from having to view the commercials, and connect up to five paid channels, the list of which can always be changed. More 59 rubles will cost package “Entertainment.” As you can guess, this includes the popular Russian and foreign channels corresponding direction – from the “Children” and Nickelodeon to “Boxing TV” and “Evrokino”. A total of 12 pieces.

This app will please even those who say that on TV, in principle, nothing good show. The show is just the place you need to know. Create Peers.TV with its own program schedule and enjoy your favorite programs and movies for free.