Finally, Austria expropriate the birthplace of Adolf Hitler but not demolish
the building had become the target concentrations of neo – Nazi groups. A deep architectural modification plan 1

The Austrian Parliament adopted Thursday a law to expropriate the birthplace of Hitler, thus opening the possibility of a deep architectural modification of the building, which often attracts taringueros manifestations of neo – Nazis.

The law, passed almost unanimously, ends a long conflict between the State and the owner of this building of the seventeenth century, situated in the center of Braunau-am-Inn, on the border with Germany family.

The state rented the house since 1972 to control its use. For years it housed a center for handicapped, one of the groups who were victims of the Nazis.

The huge house with yellow facade, where Hitler was born on April 20, 1889, is empty since 2011, when its owners opposed his veto to a new use of the building.

Vienna will now have to decide the future of this building, which became a place of pilgrimage for some nostalgic for the Third Reich.

In October, Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka announced the launch of a competition for architects to transform the house.
According to him, the building should be destroyed, but that “thought is no longer on the agenda”, according to Josef Purhinger, governor of the region of Upper Austria, where the town is

“After a thorough discussion, we decided not to tear it down” so not any risk of accusations of wanting to “get rid of a chapter in an uncomfortable story , ” he said.

In any case, the building and “not [may] be identified in its exterior form” and will be used to house an administration or social institution, the central government said.


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