Frankly, I do not believe in the existence of laziness itself, because man by nature to work hard, to occupy himself in some kind of activity. “I can not, I’m too lazy” – a protest reaction of the body or the mind, which is worth listening to.

The reason for this protest is always deeper than “I limp rag.” Therefore, coercion and strengthening willpower sloths problems are not solved. Most even worse.

If we try to classify the most frequent causes of the state “is necessary, but I can not bring myself to,” then turn the top five.

1) “Whatever do, but would not work”: lazy-anxiety.

Wash the floor, instead of preparing an article to the deadline. Or, conversely, did not sit at the urgent work, but would not make an important call – ie it is just what you need to do before lunch. This lazy-anxiety: so scared to start a new business, which is not yet known, will or not – it is better to do some habitual, long familiar. Let boring. Alarm “sloth” is not lazy. They just sverhotvetstvennye and for all experience.

Remedy : allow yourself to do business somehow. But start now. You can advance to assure yourself, okay, I accept it, good will come. Will to “C grade”, but in time.

You’d be surprised, but it is likely to be released on the “five”. And in time.

You can also try to allow yourself to “do” business. This works well with large and new projects, about which you do not know, with a side pitch. Do not try to do everything at once and perfectly, and put the timer for half an hour or an hour – and a little help. As much work. As you move the white sheet fear disappears, and the case starts to go faster and faster.

2) Resistance: evil laziness.

As soon as you start to think about the planned fact, rises in a wave of irritation and anger. For an employer who requires to prepare a report. For colleagues who needed immediate help, and have it do not want. On the sister who asked to take her shopping. And the – for laziness, inability to gather and inefficiency. How much can you, after all!

The laziness, aggression is not only unjust anger, but also a grain of healthy aggression. Something personal or working relationship went wrong. And now things associated with them, causing fierce resistance.

Perhaps you simply inconvenient time tomorrow to give his sister, and maybe it’s not a particular shopping trip, but in an unpleasant conversation, which is still spinning in my head. Or do you think to yourself that the authorities demand to work from home on the weekends – inappropriate, and if your salary – and at all funny. Or colleagues are trying to pass on to you their part of the work, and you do not know how to refuse.

Remedy : look for the source of discomfort and deal with it. The resistance will never occur in a vacuum. Trying to “just make yourself” turn into even greater resistance next time.

3) “battery Village”: laziness, fatigue.

If you sleep 5 hours a day, have not been for several years now on vacation, it is not surprising that you would like to be absent from the meeting and evening courses in programming language. You simply do not have forces on them.

Further depletes the body – bad strategy. Firstly, the efficiency still falls to zero, secondly, are guaranteed to get problems with physical and mental health.

Remedy : vacation, even if it seems to you that now you can not afford it. Otherwise, the body simply fails, and entertain you at the hospital – and well, if at home, not in hospital.
4) “Now, now, only facebook count”: lazy-depressant.

He sat down for a job for a second opened ribbon social networks, blinked … and two hours is gone. Why, why again? Maybe put the program-blocker? ..

Any rituals and habits of calm. Many Facebook or read the latest news before work or during breaks – just such a “soothing” habit.

The latest news and notes my friends seem to distract from their own problems. Unfortunately, not too distracting environmentally friendly: anxiety just “switched” on global issues or discussion in the comments, and often also increases.

Remedy : First, learn to cope with anxiety over their own affairs. Secondly, the change to a more healthy rituals: to drink a cup of water, take a walk, do stretching, breathe. It is important that they do not clutter up the debris and head information is not rocked the emotions, and helped to calm down and tune.

5) “Well, why?”: Laziness, lack of motivation from sabotage.

It is very difficult to do what you absolutely do not want and do not need. Or: what you do not. Awful do not want to go after work at night-school students. And you have to go there? You generally enjoy a bustling holiday with dancing and drinking?

Not everything that is considered fun, trendy, useful and entertaining, this is for you personally. The modern world is practically sets unrealistic standards of living: to be held in the profession, success in his personal life, sports and fit, and still find time to be interested in something for personal development. – “How is it you do not have a hobby?”. “How is it you do not want to learn foreign languages?”. “Tomorrow is an excellent lecture on contemporary art. What do you mean – not interesting “” You do not like concerts? So you can not, you need to also somewhere to get out. ”

Great if you want and have time to participate in sports marathons, going to jazz concerts and attend fashion show. But there is nothing criminal in the fact that now you do not care and you’re focused on one thing, whether it be with a partner, child care, repair apartments or career. Or maybe you just like to relax on the couch with a book.

Remedy : Instead of wasting time, forcing himself to make meaningless gestures, may spend it on honest admission: “I’m not interested”? And quietly and happily engaged in favorite business.