I have two children: a boy and a girl. I guess I’m a lucky man. I opened two worlds – the world of boyish pleasures (Lego, Transformers, dinosaurs, cars, experiences, voynushki, the new season of “Graffiti Falls”, “Maynkraft” chemical experiments) and girlish pleasures (doll tea parties, Barbie houses, pigtails, bracelets, ponies and horses, and the princess Rapunzel of “Cold heart” nakleechki shiny and pink pencils with feathers). First, with his son, and then with my daughter, I bleed the skills of role-playing with the child to the level of “God”. At 7 am on January 1, I can with my eyes closed to turn the car into a robot-transformer. I learned to chop sandwich sandwiches nano to fit into a doll a plate for tea in a Barbie house. I can simultaneously control the five dolls in slozhnosochinennogo play in several actions, just feeding cues and without the hassle of reading. I learned how to navigate the multilevel schemes Lego. I can impose microscopic dresses dolls daughter … and a lot of things I can! But how it happens sometimes desperately uninteresting! Boring, tedious, exhausting.

Previously, from role-playing games in my mind exploded, I wanted to run away from home. I was ashamed. I tried to make an effort of will, honestly picked up a bunny and bear, “Hey, we came to visit you!”. And 10 minutes after such merrymaking I began migraine. I was ready to spend hours reading books to children, draw, collect puzzles, puzzles. But the role-playing games – it was my personal hell! A to 3 years, children begin to actively explore the world precisely through the game. Therefore, through the “Mom, will you for the bunny, and I – for the elephant, let’s go!” Have to go to all parents.

In both of his decrees, I actively communicated on different “Mama” sites. Probably every mother on maternity leave, sooner or later comes to the Internet for communication and support. And the numerous posts on “do not like to play with the baby,” I realized that I was not the only one. It became easier. But the problem persists. In response to the call for a joyful daughter (son, fortunately, to his 8 years in tightly hooked on the book and read all his spare time) – “Mom, let’s play! You’ll be a pirate, but I … “- I started twitching eye. And I realized that I should do something.

For starters … I allowed myself to play! I find at inside the little girl who was hidden behind the worries of adult life – career, job, mortgage and other chores, and turned to her play? And what? Suggest an interesting game!

The second item on the rehabilitation of the role-play program was the choice of interesting toys that are popular with everyone – both children and parents. That nice pick up. Which we did not have a child, in the end!

My husband, for example, discovered the world of Lego and enthusiastically built with the son of the fortress, the city, strange beasts. Then came the era of Transformers and Bakugan (remember this bakuganomaniyu?). The husband kept watch with enthusiasm the release of new Bakugan in kiosks and collected with his son collection. And then came the era and the radio-controlled airplanes and jeeps.

I won plasticine “Play Up”. Well, why we did not have such a child? I bought a set for the treatment of teeth (with this bormashinkoy outrageously pink plasticine drilled teeth) and a set for making muffins, pastries and cakes. With this magic clay, my daughter enjoyed playing in dentistry and confectionery. When my daughter asked for a doll house, I chose the model of the house more thoroughly than the new phone itself. Because that’s what I play with her doll’s house-warming long winter evenings. By the way, we often choose with her husband in a toy store that in which we would like to play with them.

The childhood of our children – a magical time, when you can try something new and interesting. Make them all what had long dreamed of, but which does not reach the hands. Brew yourself soap, bath bombs to cook, to sew Christmas decorations out of felt, bake muffins for a new recipe, make a shadow theater, build a hut under the table and tell horror stories out there with candles. Children with gratitude and an open mind to accept any idea. If the parents – next.

But it is also very important for the mother to take care of its own resources and from time to time give yourself a holiday. So, as usual instruct in an airplane, first put the oxygen mask on yourself, and then the child. If I feel tired, rest. Turn on the feature-length cartoon children a new, arranged on the couch cozy den with pillows, milk and biscuits and relax. Or put her daughter before the fact: my mother is busy, play one! Children who do not have a lack of parental attention, which often play the parents, usually without any problems let my mother for some time. For after some time you could with great pleasure to play in something new.