The work of the teacher is honorable, but very few people can imagine all the pitfalls that lie in wait for the teacher on his difficult path. However, the remarkable Russian writers often turned to this subject, and reading them the touching narrative, one can understand what doubts, joys and sorrows of everyday life accompany our favorite teachers.

Makarenko “Pedagogical Poem”

Anton Makarenko as follows in the tradition of Gogol, calling his prose narrative poem. There are a lot of Nikolai – and subtle irony, satire and bright, and cautious (sometimes) banter over the power. But the main thing – it is becoming teachers as teachers, mentors and guides for their wards. But charges of enemy does not want – young guys who have experience and freestyle, and thieves, and some people and gang life. And the school itself – not the school, and the colony. How to cope with young people who frankly “send” their teacher? Speak? To beat the muzzle? What if for staging theater fascinated teenagers need a statue? What if a pregnant girl in the colony? Is it possible to survive the suicide of the pupil and to go further? What distinguishes a true teacher from accidental? Sometimes funny, sometimes bitter and very fascinating poem Makarenko will be interesting both for adults and, of course, young people.

Chernykh and L. Panteleev “Republic SHKID”

How much grief and sorrow brought a revolution in our country. Destroys families, children and adolescents do not know where to go, what to strive for, what to look for and want. But in St. Petersburg opened a school, and the head of the school and his loyal aides went to work. And let the students call them funny abbreviations – guess that means Vikniksor or Alnikpop (and guessing apply this rule to your friends!), Teachers did their hard business – educated former tramps and instruct them on the right path. You open the book, and now captures the history of singing about sausages teacher who turns out to be able to sing, and knowledge can not give. And how much good humor in describing the struggle for high school students and hairstyle for her first love! Or sharp narration of the school with the money-lender speaking surname puff … And pulls to make more cranberry juice and sit down for the evening with a book … Why is cranberry? Read the “Republic SHKID” – learn!

B. Oseeva “Vasek Trubachov and his companions”

Kind and sincere story about school friendships and difficult journey that the characters overcome by walking on the roads of life, and the war would have been impossible if not stood the figure of the teacher in front of boys and girls – sincere, strict, kind, understanding and cheerful. Figure Sergei Nikolaevich in the story takes a few pages, but for all three parts of it think of him and remember his students, to his they turn him, when heavy and difficult to do the right thing. There is a story and quite episodic character – a teacher of children’s home. Her name is mentioned only four times, but it seems that Aunt Anna is close and clear to each of us. The brave Russian woman goes to look for the grave of his pupils, and “people, looking after her, said her mother.”

V. Krapivin “Musketeer and a fairy”, “Boy with a sword” and other stories

Not easy work of the teacher, but even harder to account for the principal. After all, the Methodists theorists say that teachers should not be pets, and what to do if some of the students (and even discipline violators?) Obviously nicer than the other? And appealing precisely because some of the rules and the truth would be good to change, and bright boy with a difficult character much livelier any college textbooks shows how it is possible and it is necessary to raise the children.

Few think about the fact that a teacher, educator and teacher, saying goodbye to their grown up “kids” may be sad, homesick and miss them. But it’s true, and talking about it and Oleg leader of the story “The Boy with the sword,” and director Boris schools, and many other heroes of the good and wise stories Vladislav Petrovich Krapivin.

M. Aromshtam “When the angels rest”

The story of an elementary school teacher – and sad, and joyful. Through the eyes of a child can look at the different teachers, different approaches to first-graders and think about what the baby needs, and what kind of people would have to work with the youngest children. And, you can see through the eyes of a young teacher at the “educational value”, problems, joys and victories of school work … And thinking about why in the classroom is a portrait of Janusz Korczak.

VP Rasputin “French Lessons”

The teacher, who plays with a student in gambling, how awful! This is called “extra classes”? Or is it some kind of special relationship to lag behind in the French language? Yes, the question of how the trailer can endure such a “special relationship”, not whether it will disturb him. Whether it is worth to be someone from the students is very special attitude to risk their careers, relationships with colleagues? Sometimes, maybe … It is worth.

L. Voronkov “older sister”

The main characters of the story Voronkova – schoolchildren, but, of course, where there are students, there is a school, and a teacher. Warm, welcoming class teacher – and she came out to replace the cold and rigid counterpart. Director of the school, try to lead people, look them in the soul – and unnecessarily, perhaps, the principal head counselor. The history of Soviet schoolgirl, not only vividly depicts the little orphaned family without a mother, but also shows the place and role of the teacher in the life of any person.