Altusher James, entrepreneur and best-selling author, encroached on the sacred – the magical power of human habits. Layfhaker leads to your attention an adapted translation of his article.


Almost all life change management are advised to pay attention to their habits. “Your habits – that is you – is written in them. – Change your habits to change your future! ”

This is partly correct. Habits do have a huge impact on our lives. However, there is always a positive influence? Should I always follow their habits, even the most good?

The answer is – no.

Life goes too fast

I really like oatmeal with milk and fruit. It’s delicious, nutritious and very beneficial to the body. I told myself that one day I will have in the morning is a wonderful dish. You just need to develop the habit.

A week later, this idea does not seem to me such a good one. I was willing to pay any money to get rid of this stupid oatmeal. And I could not remember any details about their breakfasts over the past week.

When we make constantly the same action, our brain switches off. He did not need to make any decisions, do not even need to fix what is happening: the usual activities taking place on the machine. That is why people who have lived their entire lives in one house and went 40 consecutive years at one job, and then lament that life was too fast.

Habits interfere grow

One day I decided that it is necessary, finally, to take for himself. I will do every morning for 20 push-ups and run around the house. Great idea, but it works just a week.

It is impossible to achieve new results, performing the same action. A week later, you need to perform 25 push-ups, then – 30, 40 and so on. Then the muscles get used to and need to change the general push-ups on some other exercise. You have to constantly change this habit. So it is, in general, it ceases to be a habit.

You can say, “I’ll go in for sports every day.”

Well, so it is suitable. But this need to constantly change the load, exercise and the distance that they do not become habitual. And training time too (see previous item).

Habits make us stupid

Whenever we find ourselves in a new city or country, our senses are sharpened and all around seems interesting and surprising.

– Look, what beautiful mountains!

– And over there unusual tree! He has huge bumps and such needles, which I had never seen before!

– And look at those clouds! Here, even the clouds are quite unlike ours!

Stop. Do you really believe that in the nearby town or country, some other clouds?

Maybe we just do not pay attention to those things that are good for us to know and familiar? One and the same environment makes our brain in a state of suspended animation, which obviously does not go in his favor. And only in those moments when the situation changes, he wakes up and starts greedily absorb new experience and knowledge. Do you familiar surroundings and routines if you want to have your mind remained alive and flexible .

Habits – this insect

Bees have the habit. They collect nectar and make honey. They do this every day of my entire life.

Ants have a habit. They build nests. Their nests have changed little in the past thousand years.

People do not have habits. Yes, our genes are the same, but look at how our reality has changed even over the last hundred years! What do you think, why did it happen?

Yes, because people never follow habits. They were looking for a new food when the old disappeared, they were building a new house, when the cold was getting old or closely .

Man became sensible at a time when refused by blind adherence habits. He began to look for diversity, he rushed to the new, he has changed himself and changed the environment.

Does this mean that we should completely abandon the rituals?

No! But it is worth remembering that the most important habit to which you want to teach yourself – is to constantly change their habits .

Only in this case, the rituals become enemies of our faithful servants.