Noel Barrionuevo: “Today I am in the street”

The forward was one of the referents of the Lionesses, and spoke about his complicated present to have been disaffected of the selected.

Noel Barrionuevo not going through a good personal moment, after having been decommissioned from the first list unveiled the Argentine national team coach of women ‘s hockey Gabriel Minadeo , 2017.

” What ‘s hard to say how I’m … I’m pretty sad about How things went. I did not expect. My life is not organized to be disaffected selected today , “he explained the historical front.
“I was little cared for and feel that is not put in the place of another.
That’s what hurt me most. I am today” on the street. ”
Today I do not charge more scholarship. When selected he devoted full time because he lived that “she added the reference of Las Leonas , 32.

He also questioned the way it was communicated about the decision: “I would have preferred a little more communication, dialog If they thought he had no future in selected me they could have warned before.. It
is very hard for a player High performance that from one day to the next they say to you: ‘You are no longer’ It is a strong impact because your whole life you dedicated to hockey, but they are the rules of the game and I have to accept them “, he finished.