Winter – it’s time to talk about the warm headgear. This choice is not easy, in spite of the diversity of the models. After we select the headpiece not only for clothes, but also so that he came to the type of person.Let’s deal with!

Surround comfort

LIC or, as soon as it was called, the “pipe” – the perfect solution, as this hat is suitable for almost any face shape and serves as both a cap and a scarf.


accurate classics

Beret – a headdress out of time. It goes almost everything and is suitable for any type of person, because thanks to its soft texture takes can be worn in different ways. It is only necessary to choose the most suitable option: knitted, wool or fur. This versatile headwear is suitable for almost any outerwear.


Sweetheart daily

Knitted hats (especially with the pom-poms) are now at the peak of popularity. Chubby ladies fit knitted hats with pom-poms or those that are slightly stretched up – a visually lengthen the face. For oval faces suit knit cap covering his forehead. Knitted caps round shape most suitable for square type face, they smooth out sharp features.


Garter diversity

Shawls, like berets, are very many. If you have a round face, it is better not to choose too voluminous fur scarves. The choice is huge: Pavlovo, Orenburg …



The cozy earflaps are particularly suited to girls with oval and square shaped face. Ideal looks such caps with down jackets, sports jackets, parks.


Fur hats

Fur hats – it’s warm and effectively. Especially look beautiful hats are beautiful women with oval or triangular shaped face.


hat elegance

Some ladies prefer cap winter. Chubby fit hats with small fields and a high crown. Triangular face (little heart) fit-Fedora hats, and hats with small fields. Women with an oval face shape can afford a wide variety of hat shapes. By the way, if you wear thin woolen shawl under his hat, the image suddenly becomes almost princely.


Stylish Kubanka

This fashionable headgear cylindrical shape especially decorates chubby as visually pulls the shape of the face, bringing it closer to finding the ideal oval.


Turban / turban

Very stylish and fashionable headgear, which is not for everyone, but if it is right for you, you will look very impressive. And in the heat, of course!


Under the hood

Very relevant today various warm caps, they are particularly suitable for round, oval / oblong and square face shapes.


Kapor / hood

Feminine, warm, and fits almost any face shape.