Something, perhaps, is in my appearance that many when I begin to talk about the children. Maybe bust size pitiful sight. Although there is likely I’m just excessively frank and pictures from the hospital each time published, since attempts. Just kidding. Mammy me define simple: I round in jeans, without laying all the time suechus. But most interesting is that the broadcast start not just on children and their development. Cultural and sports.

This is what I definitely do not stutter, such as call response. On four of them already last week. As no friend of the meeting, she immediately come to grieve. Like, yazhemat and dancing do not drive. And in the game of chess with burning on bamboo too. Interestingly, I think, now vacation and head mums parent meeting continues with a call to the director.

Maybe they think so: here she has three children – her whole life, she is now will brand me a disgrace, I better just confess. Excuse me, gentlemen. That’s how I live? Comes eldest daughter’s room. I see – to become, like Ulanova, twine longitudinal, transverse, diagonal, asthenic constitution, on the top beam. Choreographer neighboring tantsshkoly crying. Son should be on TV, it is all shut up, just give the word on talk shows about clever. The youngest daughter wakes up at least Akhedzhakova because it impressively on the vegetables in a dish looks. And I, as you know, does not led, no ear, no sneakers.

Of course, this is all terribly wrong. If children are not taught from the cradle to the basics of the Japanese language, then what will happen to them? In my childhood, I said something about robots in the toilets, which will replace the technicals. No, well, I somehow developed, no I am not afraid of robots. But who did not develop, they need to have to start worrying. No, if it is not the children as much as possible to fill the knowledge and skills that they will grow up and then lay down on the sofa with anguish. If now the twine not sit down, and then only with the jack, and what life without twine? And on TV if you just did not hit a child, all – adult brain can no longer adapt to the altered reality. And if an actress since childhood to become, then later just hysterical roll, all watched and talked about Pogorelyi theater.

And it’s all waiting for me, of course. Children come and say to me: Mom, you have not developed, and now we are unhappy, Mom. What is your misery? – I ask in a low voice senile. And in fact, tell the children that we are now forced to do their calling to look, try, make mistakes, to live with their mistakes and to live a full life of surprises, not shifting any one responsible for it. This is a hemorrhoid. And in fact, tell the children that do not kick us to go to music school, and now we do not understand what we want, and even on the contrary could be a start. We have to study ourselves.

Commercials and to conscious life can be reached.

And I, more importantly, will have nothing to say. I’m the best years they are not spent, they do not owe me a fortune to bring a plate, than it is now to fight back?

And every time I see a daughter who will never become a Cherry inside triggered some mechanism behalf of the torture of Edgar Allan Poe. Three mechanisms, to be exact. But, to be honest, they quickly break down. It includes a couple of minutes to try and fail under. I’m sick confess. I do not have a list of “ideal mother”.

Lying, of course, and very beautiful. There is a list. But it is not two hundred thousand points, as before. If I am a very caring mother did not have a child, it does not change the dances daughter. If I really want to own these dances to dance, especially. If I am afraid that the children will grow up non-competitive, it is more about my fears and excessive control. And if I told them – all, and then they gave me – a glass of water, too.

I need here, it seems, to get the shield. Although the sword I do not have, I do not attack. I’m not against the “development”, except perhaps very early. I am against it to be necessary and on a large scale, if it is – at the expense of the mother. When she is forced to give up their interests and needs, including in the town, for the sake of trends. And I am opposed to the mother if her children do not go to Five hundred circles, burning with shame and guilt. Motherhood is already a feat in itself, and the mother should stay alive and healthy.

But the people around me and inside me there is this critical voice, which is very difficult to turn off. It should! And that’s that. What for? Then! But as? Already somehow izvernis. And God forbid your children will suffer boredom on his couch. Or through the window into the street to look, where kids with violins passing by. They should always be employed. Otherwise, even learn to do nothing. Take a break, listen to yourself and do not blame yourself for it. So the fate of their spoil, God forbid. Life – it’s just unbridled activities and achievements. And if they will reflect, that in general the tube. We’ll have to go to psychologists. Which earn a penny, if you’re lucky.

So, ladies, friend, you’re wasting waiting for me to charge or indulgences. Fight with the community have in my head. And decide for yourself whether you want to dance with chess offspring or not. Can or not. Ready or Not.

However, I regret it.