Nikon has made two promising announcement. The range of products supplemented by two lenses: ultra-wide with the original design PC Nikkor 19mm F / 4E Tilt-Shift and renewed 70-200mm F / 2.8E with improved stabilization, a new optical design and electromagnetic diaphragm.
Tilt-Shift lens PC Nikkor 19mm F / 4E ED
Index PC (Perspective Control) indicates that this lens Nikon have the opportunity to perspective correction due to tilts and shifts the optical node. Viewing angle he is 97 °. Moreover, 19mm F / 4E ED Tilt-Shift allows to adjust the tilt angle separately from the shift mechanism moves regardless of the rotation of the shift mechanism.

The lens design included 3 ED and 2 aspherical elements, which are struggling with distortion and chromatic aberration. Nano Crystal Coat coating helps to avoid glare and flyuorinovoe coating repels dust, dirt and moisture.

Here is the lens:
The most interesting tilt-shift lens PC Nikkor 19mm F / 4E ED attribute will result from the photographers who specialize in shooting architecture and interiors. It goes on sale in November for $ 3400.
AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm F / 2.8E FL ED VR
70-200mm F / 2.8E – more modest, but no less of interest than the above-described tilt-shift. The manufacturer calls it “the workhorse for professional photographers,” and assures that the updated version of this lens has become more attractive.


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The new optical system consists of 22 elements, of which 6 are elements of the ED, 1 element with fluorite-coated, 1 item with a high refractive index and a coating Nano Crystal Coat. Nikon claims that the new optics “is optimized for high-speed shooting.” Built-in lens optical image stabilization system (VR) allows to increase the exposure up to 4 stops, and electromagnetic diaphragm facilitates fast and stable installation of the diaphragm in the continuous shutter mode.

Here’s how it looks:
7The new 70-200mm lens is also planning to release in November. The cost will be $ 2,800.