The member of One Direction, Louis Tomlinson has been a father of his first baby, Freddie Reign for these five months. But, do you know that Niall Horan still hasn’t met his son?

According to Digital Spy, on the red carpet at the launch of the Horan & Rose Event at the Grove in Hertfordshire, Niall said that the news saying he is not interested in following in Louis Tomlinson’s daddy footsteps is not true.

“No, I’m definitely not broody at all, me, (…) Plenty of time for kids but literally I still haven’t met little Freddie yet.” he said.

Freddie Reign is the baby of Louis and Briana Jungwirth, a 23 year-old woman he dated in April 2015. They are separated, but remained as close friends and of course, they are so happy about the baby.

Lad and Dad

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However, an insider told HollywoodLife that Louis gets disappointed that none of One Direction members visits his baby son. “None of the other One Direction guys have been to visit Louis since he had this baby, which has been upsetting to Louis,”