End of the year – a time of hope: we believe that over the next 12 months will have time more than in the past, and life, as if by magic, change for the better. Do you want to change – act. With this program, at least in 2017 will be the beginning of your new life.


1. Decide what really want

Answer extremely honest: do you feel that you are on your site? Are there any compulsive feeling that you do not order what would be worth?

If the current situation does not suit you, there is no sense to lull themselves with the thought that someone is even worse, and you have everything on their background is quite tolerant. Is focused on the best of lousy options – comfortable, but completely hopeless strategy.

Why spend time and energy on unloved job, when you have a very real opportunity to change it? Nothing is impossible: if you want, for example, to become a programmer – try the free course GeekBrains « Programming Fundamentals ” and decide whether you fit this area.

2. Set a goal for this year

There is a purpose – there is a plan of action. Abstract dreams are not worth anything if you do not know how to realize them. As a result, there is a risk all year round in the clouds and hope that change will come by themselves. Unfortunately no.

A good goal is concrete and feasible.
Agree, between the desire to somehow and someday lose weight and intention to lose 3 kilograms for the July holiday is a gulf. Find a good job and to learn by the end of the year is quite certain profession – is the same, the difference is obvious.

Ambitious target is divided into several stages, each stage – in the individual steps. The simpler, the better way to turn your dream into a sequence of actions.

3. Avoid all unnecessary

Excess – this is something that does not bring any benefit. Once you soothe: it’s not about turning into a bore, for any reason Gundyaev about healthy lifestyles. Our resources, whether it be time, energy and money are limited, so wise to dispose of them so as to achieve maximum impact.

We are creating your life, over and over again making a choice in a given situation. Results are usually quite natural, although many it is somehow surprising. Indeed, who forced them to choose beer gatherings rather than trek to the gym and spend time browsing the Internet bugagashechek instead of something useful? Reptilians, not otherwise.

4. Stop fear change

It is a fun show are people who complain about how hard they live, but disdain something to do with it. Yes, it is terrible, yes, sometimes painful, but there is no development without change. If you know what you want – go ahead, act.

Human life is disappointingly short, so is it really worth it to you to complain about destiny? Only you can decide how to dispose of your allotted time.
5. Decide on something never done before

You have to be very very optimistic to count on any changes, while continuing to deal with day after day the same. I know that the stories about the need to go beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone is already fed up with everything, but what to do if it really works?

Cozy routine – a swamp, which gradually sucked deeper and deeper. From the former desires and nothing remains aspirations: Why change something when everything seems to be stable? Here begins the degradation. The days add up to months, months – in years, and you are still the same and the same place – in the comfort zone, turned into a prison.

6. Learn something new

Firstly, knowledge and skills are never superfluous. Secondly, if the current job does not suit you, it is still a great chance to finally change.

Online courses – the most affordable way to understand what it is you want to do. For example, you want to try his hand at programming, but not sure what you’ll get. No question, in aid courses. And time and financial spending is the most humane option.

In the educational portal GeekBrains entry-level program in general free. Courses “Programming Fundamentals” for a couple of weeks to help you get acquainted with the code, and then everything in your hands. Web development, mobile development, programming for iOS or Android, Java study, Python, and Ruby – choose specialized courses , develop the profession and attach the acquired knowledge into practice.

With the latest problems will not be: everyone who went on GeekBrains training professions themselves choose where to go to practice. The first option – a guaranteed internship from GeekBrains: two months later, you will have experience of team work on a project from idea to implementation and full case for the portfolio. The newly developers are looking for graduates GeekBrains , which need intelligent people to implement projects. Finally, you can offer your services to companies-partners of the portal. If you perform the test task and successfully will pass internship, a chance to start a career in the IT immediately after training.

In the coming year you will have plenty of time to make life better and more interesting. Dispose of this present so as not to have to regret the days wasted.