“Everything that has a beginning – has an end.” World apocalypse obsession arose on the basis of different social and political concerns. Against the background of ecological disaster is realized the fragility of human civilization. Therefore, the directors successfully take such topics as the basis for modern horror films and thrillers. Especially popular zombie theme, due to the fear of the people with the problem of overpopulation and epidemics.

Below we present you with a list of 10 films released in 2016 and expected in 2017, in which the action takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, or in the midst of the apocalypse, occurred as a result of epidemics, natural disasters or alien invasion.

Cloverfield, 10/10 Cloverfield Lane
When the world is going to hell, one can hardly trust the friendly strangers. Throughout the film you will wonder who is the real villain.

In a pseudo-sequel to “Cloverfield” Dan Trachtenberg for the film in 2008 tells about a girl who after a car accident loses consciousness and waking up, discovers that chained to a bed in the bunker with two unknown men. asylum Owner assures that saved her, because outside the bunker conditions suitable for life.

Pandemic / Pandemic
Engineering survey from the point of view of the characters moves the viewer into the thick of things. It can be said that director John Suitts prepared for us a place in the front row to show their version of the zombie apocalypse. The following happens: Dr. Lauren Chase goes in search of the lost health unit in Los Angeles, where the streets are teeming with infected people, and Lauren must save his daughter.

The 5th Wave / The 5th Wave
This mixture Postapokaliptika and science fiction by John. Bleyksona has its flaws. For example, too neat looks for character described the chaos, but the plot is interesting. Newcomers methodically destroying people, using a variety of deadly “wave” (First Wave – electromagnetic pulse to disable all the electricity, the second wave – the earthquake and tsunami, etc.). High school Cassie Sullivan must risk his life to save the younger brother and adapt to the new harsh world, having undergone the Fifth Wave.

Decent / The Worthy
The director Ali F. Mostafa showed an Arab version of the end of the world. In his post-apocalyptic world are chronically short of water.

The film has received well-deserved recognition at the London Film Festival, where it was held premiere. In the United Arab Emirates and other countries of its release early next year.

Shelter / Refuge
This gloomy contemplation of moral relativity in the post-apocalyptic world, a film that makes us think about what is required in an emotional and physical sense, to survive, if our world really collapses.

Post-apocalyptic landscape director Andrew Robertson depressed. Under a gray sky reigns hunger maniacs with baseball bats rob and kill other survivors.

This film is characterized by realism. In it constantly felt tchuzhdenie and the imminence of death. two groups of people involved in the plot: between the young bandits and family begins a game of cat and mouse, which demonstrates the dramatically different approaches to survival.

Dust / Dust
The idea of shooting this 25-minute film appeared at Josh Greer, Greer and Mark Jason Gallet in 2007. They launched kraudfandingovy project collected $ 100 000 and embodied his idea, successfully demonstrating it at this year’s festivals.

The story is set in post-apocalyptic Japan where spread a mysterious disease. To protect themselves, the city is preparing to Cabet brutal measures – to close the gate and strengthen the walls against those who are outside.

Rich epic scenery of the film “Dust” suggests the philosophical conclusions about our relationship with nature.

The train to Busan / Busanhaeng
South Korean director Youn San ho managed to take something new, it would seem, has run its course zombie movie genre. “The train to Busan” – is even more than the apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic story. The film tells about how to train to Busan, suddenly became one of the few islands of life in a country ravaged by a zombie. The film was shot in a serious tone and leads to deep thought, for example, whether there is a place of moral values when it becomes above all the desire to survive.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter / Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
In the final part of the franchise, Alice (Milla Jovovich) returns to the mission to save the world, or what is left of it, from the hordes of zombies and mutants, distributed by the corporation “Umbrella.” Alice is sent to Raccoon City, where it started to destroy the Red Queen supercomputer. In North America, the film will be released in January 2017.

Hostile / Hostile
This is the first full-length reel of film of French director Mathieu Turi, who said: “With this film, I want to tell the tense and tragic story. In the center of the scenario – certainly, man. ” The painting, which is expected to be released in 2017, tells the story about a girl who survived the apocalypse. Most of the world’s population wiped out, and the survivors have to work hard to get food and shelter, but at night everything should be hidden, because it is time to hunt out the terrible creatures. To survive you must not only physically, but also mentally.

Burden / Cargo
11Australian film Ben Houlinga and Yolanda Box, preparing for release in 2017. This is a story about a man named Andy (Martin Freeman), who has undergone a zombie bite. Now he has just 48 hours to have time to deliver his little daughter Rosie in a safe place. In fact, the “burden” – a full-length version of the brilliant short film 2013 “Cargo┬╗ (Cargo). This movie film is human compassion and hope for survival against all odds, which is rare in the post-apocalyptic genre.