According to Qianjiang Evening News reported that this is not long ago by the Anhui TV broadcast of a section of real-life cases based on a short film! A solitary girl, was a metamorphosis male repeatedly photographed, including their own balcony and living room, even if he hides girlfriends Home, or was photographed in bed naked private photos!

On her balcony, a nasty man holding the camera at the dress cool girl again and again by pressing the shutter.

Soon the girl received an envelope from the door into the door. There are videotaping her dry clothes photos and a “seeking contact” of the note, the girl felt just a boring person hoax.

I did not expect a few days after the door again into an envelope, and this time, her heart suddenly hit fear.

However, the calm day only after a week. When she returned home the room again appeared in the envelope, and she never imagined that the picture is even naked body.

Why hide the girlfriend home is still photographed? Girl almost collapsed, girlfriend immediately alarm. A few days later, photographed girl metamorphosis male arrest by public security organs.

Girls in their own living room there is in the girlfriend home is how to be photographed to it?

Living room videotaping means: According to the arrested man confessed, the reason why girls in the closed living room can be photographed to their own, because he is using their broadband installation personnel convenience, home maintenance in the girls home broadband, her home Of the router replaced with a camera with the router, so you can videotaping girls in their own living room every move!

Later, the girl hid in the girlfriends home, metamorphosis male had to give their girls home repair computer equipment convenience, in the girl’s laptop, implanted a program, you can remotely control the girl laptop camera, so no matter girls hide Where, as long as the use of their own laptop, it will be candid!