“Put on a sandwich place!”. On a noisy feast on the occasion of the anniversary of my friends I had a lot of guests, and sandwiches have dropped out of the hands of all those who held them, – so loud it sounded.

– Oh, – troubled young man opposite. – Never mind.

And then he continued, referring to the companion: “You are already complaining that you dress a little, and even more from the sandwiches will recover. So soon the door will not get through. I wish you well! And I want you to be the most beautiful. The main thing in our relationship – honesty. ”

“You need to lose weight / get better – we’re friends, I can honestly say to you!” .. “You’ll never be an actress, you have no talent. I’d better tell you the truth, I’m your mother “… How often do we hear these bitter words from a desperate truth-seekers, many of them (especially my mother) really wish us well. But how many of good will this “truth”?

History gives us other examples. Great men became great not because next to them someone constantly exclaimed, “how are you sitting?”, “Do not slurp”, “wash your hands”, “straighten”, but because someone looked at them with loving eyes.

Do you know what made Leslie Hornby fashion symbol of generation in the world of the 60’s? Her fiancé, Justin, looking at his (distant from the operating standards of beauty) favorite, she said she did not “naeshsya side, a bag of bones,” and “You’re beautiful, dear! If the world does not understand how beautiful you are, we just need to change the world. ” Who knows what would become a famous model, actress and TV presenter Twiggy, if never heard of these words?

Albrecht Durer, a boy from an impoverished family with many children never turned in to the greatest masters of Western European Renaissance, if his older brother (the only member of the family) did not believe in it so much that … to sacrifice his own talent of the artist. He went to work in the mines, Albrecht was able to go to study in Nuremberg. His longer unfit for fine hand work of the painter, in which each finger was broken at least once, Dürer, Jr. immortalized on his most famous picture, “praying hands”.

Did you guess that thought of myself gorgeous Audrey Hepburn? “I often feel depressed and dissatisfaction with themselves. You could even say that in certain moments I just hate myself. I was too thick, or too high, or simply considered too ugly. I could not cope with the problems and are not able to communicate easily with those who met “- she wrote in her memoirs. It is difficult to imagine what would have been the fate of cinema and the little black dress, if not for my mother, Audrey Hepburn, who thought his daughter is incredibly talented, and Givenchy, who made the girl with the eyes of “the beautiful fawn” his muse.

In his autobiographical novel “The promise of the dawn” Romain Gary frankly admitted that he became a writer because of the absolute (albeit sometimes painful) love of his mother. She thought her son the great from the moment of his birth and until the hour of his death.

… A girl at a party, of course, dutifully put the sandwich on a plate, and barely holding back tears, poured herself a glass of water. Her companion smiled. But then the incredible happened – the man at the same table (he, too, became an unwitting witness to the conversation) turned to her and held out a dish of snacks, “Please, help yourself. You are beautiful! It’s true”.

She thanked him and refused, but something in her changed. Modest little frightened and serious, she smiled at the words “you are beautiful” and blossomed. Her companion, too embarrassed, but said nothing. Perhaps he himself was clear: what is he, a lover of “bitter truth”, with the woman still was not honest to the end.