Anna daisies – mother of eight children, the journalist, the wife of a priest, conceived series of publications about childbirth and children, so that in the end these scattered memories found book format. The name of the future of the book – “The Happiest cross” – we make in the title of a series of articles that will appear on our website.

The first publication in this series, published in November 2015, read here.
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In early August 2010, the expected completion of our family. Despite the debut of gestational diabetes, I felt very good. I liked to sit on a low-carb diet, I even lost weight over 9 months by 10 kilograms, despite the growing belly.
The expected delivery date, we have put at the beginning of August, in exactly on the feast of St. Seraphim of Sarov, therefore, little children, it was decided to name Seraphim.

By mid-July, we lived with the children in the country, 30 km from the city. The father of the family was, as usual, very busy at work, so I consulted with myself the whole country life, five children, trips to the piano tutor, furnace oven and swimming in the lake. The car we have at the time was a large and all-wheel drive. It is terrible to remember, I drove about to give birth, for whatever the slopes.

It was very sad that Daddy can not share with us all the joys of summer life. However, one morning in mid-July, our father Andrew appeared on the doorstep … and energetically set about organizing the family moved to the dusty town. As soon as I say that everyone was against: bear more in three weeks, and the kids just went into the taste villa happy commotion. But Dad was insistent. He had left a couple of days, before the birth of the sixth child to settle everything and put pregnant wife into range. And – again plunge into their abbot’s duties.

Just a half a day, we managed to restore order in the country in parting, cut the lawn, collect electronic piano and finally swim. In the evening, the children were drinking tea in the kitchen of city and their tanned faces were sad.

The following day we dedicated buying office supplies for the coming school year. Father is true reasoned that after delivery we will obviously not before. He coped with the shopping, we decided to call our doctor – for pre-meetings and follow-up arrangements for delivery.

The evening was hot and windy. In a shady park of the city hospital, which is our number one hospital, we admired turning pink at sunset sky. The mood was peaceful and lyrical.

Now I digress for a moment from the topic of maternity hospital, to thank God for the fact that people submits grace. A lot of time was convinced that every individual – depending on its area of responsibility – the ability to communicate and carry it. Example – the head of our family and his gift to make lightning-quick decisions.

This ability – flair parents and leaders – in our home all the society rescues and brings a sense of stability and hope that we do not propadёm.

So it was the sultry evening. Doctor, we have reached a “chat about that, about this”, suddenly I found that I was in labor and that the opening of the cervix with a baby we have 8 of 10 centimeters. I do not want to go home, but I will ask the doctor to give me a chance to get away for half an hour to get ready, to give final instructions to children.

We arrived home in amazement and confusion I felt no contractions, and at the thought that now I could be alone with her children in the country, I was filled with horror.

Despite the haste and confusion, it was decided to serve as a prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The children knelt down, all very concentrated asked for help the Holy Virgin. Here I have felt and the first bout.

Seraphim was born at midnight, July 21, the feast of Our Lady of Kazan. Contrary to expectations, the birth was not swift, daughter was born at 38 weeks and had a good Apgar scores.

I was lying on a gurney in the hallway was filled with a wide variety of happy feelings, among them thanks to God was the strongest feeling … More tenderness towards our dear Pope that Aslan – not a tame lion, but always there at the very moment when, without it we would not have coped.
One my thought when I especially remember: that in a family, we adults can not help each other, let’s say, as a mother helps a child – all sub-genres straw and putting his hands. But we create for each other environment where you can develop and grow. Of course, subject to the simple rules laid down in our nature. And for the woman obedience to her husband here it is very important.

All of these thoughts, I could not sleep and morning met with open eyes, not a bit relaxed. Significantly headache, and whether the sick, or the right eye twitching.

A pleasant surprise for us was a Seraphim, the parents of her husband decided to put us in the House of paid – a good rest and sleep as possible. As a neighbor, we was a wonderful woman slightly older than me with the third caesarean section and beautiful, big boy.

Simochka brought me almost five hours after birth, were the second day without sleep. Discomfort is now no longer held in both eyes. At night I rocked and nursed the baby, and the next morning found the absolutely alarming symptoms: numb on the left hand little finger and ring finger, sight was blurred, the center of the field, “dancing”, I like that shakes and felt a strange excitement. They called me a neurologist. It appeared to be a local celebrity – a very eccentric doctor, hostile to us, zapoloshnomu roddomovskomu contingent.

We had a fun conversation. He asked if I addressed earlier to neurologists and what my diagnosis. Diagnosis recall immediately I could not, the only thing came to mind that treated me and pantogam Cavinton. Doc laughed and said that if the patient can not recall the diagnosis, it … bu-ha-ha … great! Then he turned it over in front of my countenance hammer and withdrew, leaving us with a neighbor in a light loss.

I’ve already decided that, in spite of the terrible sensation in the eyes, to which was added a nausea and a throbbing headache and die is healthy … But here came to me our ward doctor and, hesitating, said neurologist decided I was not upset, and I, probably, a brain tumor, and sometime in the future when I stop breastfeeding, I should do just in case MRI with vascular program.

Post it was so fantastic that I just shrugged. Looking ahead, I will say that, in fact, it was a modest ischemic stroke – transient ischemic attack, which was later diagnosed a real doctor. Thanks to the experience and intuition excellent neurologist Lyudmila Timofeevna Zolotaevoy I am only a month after discharge from hospital experienced lightheadedness and weakness, and gradually came to, without unpleasant consequences.

But stay in the hospital with our Simochka was difficult. I put on a head scarf, consecrated on the relics of Blessed Matrona of Moscow, and prayed endlessly. When I lifted my head from the prayer book, I gripped the whiskey and began a new round of faintness. Neighbor in the ward it was not clear. She convinced me to give it up “rotten” prayerful job and do exercises for the eyes.

The head of a small business, where her husband was a sponsor and supervisor, accustomed to vigorous action, Natalia could not put up with my “passive position”. By the way, this did not prevent us to penetrate each other mutual sympathy, so, using the relationships in a confidential tone, sosedushka my very delicately tried to help me – and advice, considering my condition the result of postpartum depression.

Seeing that annoying Prayer Natalia, I put it, and prayed for the memory. Perhaps this mental effort accelerated my recovery, and I handled for three days, with the help of God, with nystagmus. His eyes no longer “jump” match.

Meanwhile, my neighbor has got itself into a difficult situation, and, finally, requested prayers for himself. Her loving husband, who was so worried during labor, even climbed a birch tree to see operating on the second floor, where a caesarean section was carried out to his wife, began to drink, unable to bear the stress. Children 12 and 7 years old were forced to go to work themselves to their parents – to eat there in the dining room.

Natasha nervous, endlessly called up with the children. Alas, on this background, she was accumulation of blood between the inner and outer seam on the stomach, which at one point resulted fountain outside. I will never forget, as I sat on the bed in a daze, Serafima on his hands, and the doctor on duty in front of me on my knees before Natasha’s bed, one hand clamped the wound, and the other cut in a sterile glove finger – to make the drainage. And then she, without anesthesia, sewing open seams, and again pressed on both sides unhappy stomach. Blood loss was clearly greater than 250 ml. The nurse then long draila half the night in the House, and grumbling at those “paying students” who always “chudyat”.

“Chudili” we are with Natasha and the next day, when my family at home, on the basis of the same stress, decided in full traditional flu with high fever. I do zakruchinilas and mayalas with a sore head, and Natasha’s wonderful boy suddenly woke up the day with a sunken chest, and he was carried away in the children’s department for examination.

As a result, I was released on the 7th day, and do not go home, and to the Pope and his wife, and sosedushka remained in the hospital with uncertain prognosis in son and complicated by suture. I hope that in their family to get by, and the boy has learned to read and is preparing to go to school next year. With warmth I remember our labor roddomovskie weekdays: so honest and wise.

In conclusion I would say that the flu Serafima we still picked up more than a week at home with his good pope and his doting little wife Linda I remained sitting, heart went out to the sick children. All the more so on. Andrei, the main “nannies”, and he ached. The two-week Sima ill surprisingly easy: she has a day to keep the temperature without additional symptoms – and all.
By August 11 the day of memory of St. Martyr Seraphim, to which we have assigned christening daughter, everything is passable feel my head is almost gone, there was only unusual weakness. Simochka baptized, 15 number we settled in the Orthodox youth camp “Radonezh”, which at that time carried on. Andrew on the shore of the Gulf of Berd our Siberian “Ob Sea.” So in August we pleased wild raspberries from the pine forest, warm sand and a good mood, despite my continuing neurological treatment and not very well-being.

Actually, this story I wanted to confirm the conventional idea that optimism is very helpful. Being a man prone to depression, I often bring a souvenir difficult times of my life and thank God for these tests. We do not know what was ahead. I think it will not be easy. Therefore, I ask God for faith and joy – in advance.

Photo Seraphim Romashko authorship Valentina Osintseva