Anna daisies – mother of eight children, journalist and wife of the priest, conceived series of publications about childbirth and children, so that in the end these scattered memories found book format. The name of the future of the book – “The Happiest cross” – we make in the title of a series of articles that will appear gradually on our website. The first publication in this series, published in November 2015, read here . And today – a story of Anna that she was expecting her seventh child.

… It is necessary to start with the fact that the seventh pregnancy of our large and noisy family lived in a studio apartment. This was preceded by an attempt to improve their living conditions: we sold a small four-socket, as well as parental cottage and bought a spacious, with views of the Ob and the bay window, an apartment in a brick house … In short, a dream!

And, of course, the “dream” had a little longer than we were promised the builders …

Previous apartment we sold in the summer; things are often taken to the garage in the house, where the husband served as a part – to relatives, rented a small flat near the church and moved.
Our brand new home was “to surrender”, and builders promised that after three months, we will be able to proceed with the repair.

Summer is over, and the delivery of the prospects at home remain dim. Children went to school, we moved into our temporary home washing machine and electronic piano. And they huddle – to sit on each other’s heads, swarm – or not say. Two and a half years of sleeping on the kitchen floor, heads to the refrigerator and feet to the window, and the children – all six – on a pair of bunk beds, in two places.

It was in that apartment we rented a temporary temple, and for the account of a church parade is not proper, and we decided to wait. It was hard to explain it to children. I will never forget that first Christmas in our “tent” – both toddlers and older were upset because six of them did not have enough space to play with gifts.

Truth sake I will say that it was a very rewarding experience, despite the enormity of the situation. Such a life will mobilize all the forces of the soul, so the spirit of prayer is not lost. You learn to appreciate the simple pleasures, and most great happiness seems to stroke the sleeping children on the head, blessing and asking for them of joy the next day. By the grace of God’s children we have managed during this time, not only does not seriously ill, but even become winners of international and regional competitions and hard to make friends. Despite the conditions, we were able to welcome guests: friends, doctors, tutors …
We got up at seven in the morning, waking everyone, including infants, fed, dress, comb – and were loaded into our van. Four students had to be diluted in schools. During slow motion on congested “Bogdashke”, as we have in the city called the great street of Bohdan Khmelnytsky with beautiful houses Stalin, we had time to pray, and if breakfast at home was unsuccessful due to technical reasons – and then have breakfast.

Seniors themselves in schools. Asleep by the time the babies I drove back, somehow discharged and tried for a short time to cook lunch and dinner. In all this I had three or four hours to spare. Then it was necessary again to dress children and go back to pick up younger and then sent to music lessons Vanya or Masha … I have four years in a row sitting on all the lessons on piano from his two, and then three “musicians”, as is customary in school at the conservatory, where they studied.

Of course, we are not getting enough sleep is chronically priest. In the church of Holy Virgin, where he served as a spouse, at the time there were only four priests, and all four were incredibly loaded. Each parish priest had ascribed, participated in a series – conducted daily services in the temple, and carried obedience to the Orthodox parish gymnasium and kindergarten. In addition to the content of the gymnasium and kindergarten temple engaged in the financing needs of Orthodox Youth, which was engaged in the diocese at the time Father Andrew, and also carried out a series of temple buildings in the vast area of Kalinin H-ska.

In addition, the priests visited the prisoners in the colony and worked in the Orthodox Sisterhood at the hospital.

So our dad went “to the area” for many years, where people were serving sentences who have committed serious crimes.

Andrew, one of the former prisoners, after the liberation baptized, told me that our dad never used protection services: chatting with recidivists personally – in the chambers and in the hall where they were harvested, – accompanied only by a person from among former prisoners and then, like everyone else, I went to the prison canteen “slurp gruel”. This is caused in Gdańsk contingent of great respect. We had the same each time iznichtozhat heavy prison spirit that impregnated Daddy priestly vestments …
Quite clouded our lives unimportant attitude of neighbors on the porch. Intimate courtyard apartment buildings, the car does not deliver, so if I suddenly during the day with the kids, umotala completely, still cram between the neighboring car with his “Toyota”, I inevitably waiting for the scandal. It condemned our many children, rude, threatening, indignant that “all sorts of guest workers” to settle in their departmental decent house. We really did not fit into the local standard of living, and any appearance with my children in the yard caused rumors and even spiteful jokes. I tried it all down on the brakes to avoid conflict, always apologized and did not complain to her husband.

But here, the Lord comforted me. One floor below the living quite a wonderful grandmother of St. Petersburg intelligentsia artist. She came here to live out the age to his son. Conversations with her and her exquisite kindness, pure speech, openness us always happy. We came up to her on the tour, admiring its paintings of birch and poplar fluff – that it was impossible to assume, looking at them! They were made of natural materials in the classical manner of painting. Children enthusiastically sang a wonderful neighbor their repertoires, and at Christmas we all now come caroling to the “grandmother Ira.” Needless to say that she forgave us all treading on his head, noise, noise, and music classes? If in its place were other residents, they would not have to endure our heads! Irina Yakovlevna remembers us now, and we are pleased to call back.

However, as time went on, and our position was complicated by my pregnancy, as well as the sale of the car, we are tired of endlessly tinker.

Our Father, seeing that the completion of the construction of homes are pulled, came once, at the beginning of Lent to the developer, and, in spite of his modest manner is nothing anyone not to impose, proposed … to bless the construction site. Oddly enough, the idea was met with enthusiasm: it turns out, renting homes has stalled at the level of important documents, and did not move for a year with a dead point, and the builders themselves were weakened by the huge payments for heating does not “surrendering” a giant multi-storey building.

God showed a miracle. The structure fairly quickly after that accepted documents easily passed all the necessary court, and a month later we started to repair!

However, the new academic year found us still in the old place. I had to ride sitting on the bus, where the place of pregnant women do not concede in principle, to carry thus our entire company to the school and back. This went on for two months until we finished our simple repair.

And moving day appointed. I never forget it – it was October 20, 2013, feast day of the revered in the family of Bishop Sergius (Sokolov).

All the small box that is easy to transport in a van, were collected. My father was on duty in the Orthodox helpline, so we decided that I call the car with the children still plunging – just a little, just for the backpack at his brother. Zaberёm on the way daddy, and then all together – in new housing …

But it turned out differently. The car came up, I bent down to tie his shoe Seraphim … She felt as sharply ears popped. In my head there was a strange ringing, the room began to spin – faster and faster. I made no attempt to get up, but keep your feet turned out to be virtually impossible: I swing like a pendulum from side to side. As soon as I got to the kitchen as everything was added more and vomiting, and, like it then called the hospital – indomitable.

Then I say, that reigned in the apartment a terrible mess, which happens when a hasty move: empty boxes, bags, shoes scattered. Her husband was planning to go back next week with all the porters and carry heavy and throw out the rest of the unnecessary things.

I looked around all of this mess, as it turned out, “sober” look and was horrified: “fast” when arrive and catch us with the children in this “entourage”, be sure to inform the care that children are held in inappropriate conditions. I called a taxi and ordered everyone, young and old, load their backpacks in the car. All the cross and sent it in this manner to the Pope.

“ER” arrived quickly, and the doctor, assessing the situation, immediately decided that I hanyga and drug addict, and began to search for drugs. Somehow, struggling with debilitating vomiting, I was able to explain that she was pregnant, that such a crisis in my first time and I have gestational diabetes. The weakness was such – hands do not pick up, I was afraid not to get to the car.

Upon arrival to the hospital, after accompanying the call “from above” by our good friends, I was put on a drip to a paid room. Unfortunately, there was repeated attack … I went for a week in intensive care with a vague diagnosis of “encephalopathy pregnant.” I waited jet magnesium – a kind of diet … a miracle that I somehow oklemalas and diagnosis of “transient ischemic attack”, I feared, was not raised.

Children with the father, meanwhile, settled down safely at the new location. The first time the kids just did what they were running through the empty rooms, and squeal. There was a feast of reckless fun – it was possible to him, like candy, put his cheek. As I mentioned during my childhood – a long lasting lollipop …
I was discharged from the collar Schantz, and so with him before delivery did not separate. Gynecologists were afraid to let me in spontaneous labor with such a diagnosis, and the order had to run around the neurologist, to undergo treatment. All the last trimester of pregnancy, I myself put the different shots – in the thigh – and gradually strengthened. Finally, the medical “light” on this part returned a verdict: it is possible to give birth to itself.

Pavlik was born on Saturday, the parent day before Lent, without complications, fast enough, but not fast, did not suffer during childbirth. On duty just head of the department, is very sensitive and wise doctor.

I am one Saturday morning thinking, how do I go to church in the evening – so I had a serious condition. When the water retreated, just glad that I did not have to go anywhere – I was so bad that even the church to go and could not conceive …

She gave birth to your lovebird – Schantz collar around his neck. Nearby, in the delivery room, I lay the unfortunate young woman was tormented all day in battles … With the lack of labor she was taken to cesarean. It is incredibly sorry for her: I saw anxious and frustrated faces of doctors …

And we were together in the House of Pasha in 6 hours and are happy that, finally, we can touch each other. Thank God! Other than to call it a miracle can not, given the whole story of my pregnancy!

In the House were nice woman. One of them, silent and sad, came to a standstill over the cradle with a baby, and quietly dropped her tears. It turned out she was a Catholic and tearfully praying … for your wonderful, healthy, and large-eyed son. The reason was a serious tear: Dad baby, an alien from the very believer of the European family, refused to recognize her son and said to have a child that was not his goal. This terrible situation in life, as in the novel … Kid, a descendant of the conquistadors, with ivory skin, huge dark eyes, black olives, a large nose – with the characteristic hump – will grow Russian boy. At that time, his father has forbidden to report the fact of childbirth in his home country. I pray that European grandparents still saw her handsome grandson! .. Soon after the statement appeared, that we have a little boy and his mom have common acquaintances. I was very glad that I was able to pass through them a present on the first day of the birth of the baby.

We were discharged on the sixth day. Houses flu broke out, so the first 10 days of life Pavlik spent with his grandfather, who became his godfather. Here, we found that his hand little boy grows large vascular hemangioma, which at birth looked like a birthmark on his wrist. It swelled and reddened. The result was such a boy have “a wrist watch.”

Ahead of us were the days and months, when the tumor is inflamed and starts to ache. Trip to the doctor, experiences and painful dressings. Cherished by the sun’s rays, praying …
No happiness does not come into the world without pain and difficulty, alas. Now hemangioma – the memory of a difficult pregnancy seventh – eroding, and God willing, someday completely disappear by itself.

Photos from the family archive of Anna and Andrew chamomile.