Lisha Lisa for The Huffington Post

One summer, hoping to be an example for their children, I worked as a volunteer at a local animal shelter as volunteers – in essence, cleaners with sovochkom.

Since 6 am, I cleaned the dog poop and the cells were washed. My shift ended at 11am. My duties are not included feeding the dogs, this task was carried out employees of the senior staff. And I strictly followed the rules until one day, on a Monday morning in early July, has not met Murphy.

His 96-year-old housewife Lila died, and Murphy found on the bathroom floor next to her, he sat with his head on her shoulder. When Lila’s body was moved to a stretcher, Murphy also jumped into the ambulance. The doctors could not engage in the search for relatives and taken to a shelter Murphy. Throughout, he looked like a Labrador, but Labradors are not generally the same color: it was completely white.

My morning’s work at the shelter is always started with the cacophony of barks, growls, yelps and yapping – just a noise. This morning was no exception. My friends dog greeted me a standing ovation. Our new guest did not budge. I came to meet you. The gang raged around. Murphy did not move.

Conventional wisdom says Do not wake a sleeping dog. But I did not think Murphy is really asleep. At best, he ignored me, and at worst – he was very depressed. It was then that I decided to break the rule. I grabbed the dog biscuits from the shelves and put it under his nose Murphy.

He did not touch him. I pretended to go away. He quickly swallowed it. I repeated this trick at least five times. The sixth time I decided to stay. Murphy has decided not to hesitate.

It took more than three weeks before Murphy began to take part in a standing ovation in the morning. He first jumped at the sight of me, and I hopelessly in love with him.
End of summer – the time of the annual campaign “Adopt a furry friend” at the orphanage. I made posters and meet potential hosts. The event was a huge success! Nobody chose Murphy, and I could not understand why, until the shelter director explained to me: “All the other dogs play. They iso their best to please. They allow themselves to be ironed, they lick the hands and face, give paw, and play with children. Murphy all indifferent. That is, all but you. ”

We stayed in the apartment association, where it was usually “no pets”. It was not fair. Murphy and I belonged together. I knew it. Director of the orphanage knew it. Therefore, we have concluded an agreement. I was allowed to take Murphy. The only caveat: he slept in a shelter. The rest of me was all – love, care, feeding and walking.

So Murphy and I began our unusual partnership. Every morning, after I averted children on the bus, and before I went to work, I rushed headlong to feed Murphy breakfast, walk with them and hugging on a chair in a room for employees. Dog treats and toys were included in my weekly shopping list. Every day, when the children finished homework, Murphy and I played frisbee in the exercise yard, and then lay on the lawn, to naobnimatsya as follows, before I go.

Not immediately, but I still had taught him to keep the cookies on your nose and do not move until I say, “Okay, buddy, chew!”. He never cheated. Never.

Sometimes, if you stood a good summer day, we went to the park together and ran from the watering machine. He chased ducks, geese, squirrels and small children in the children’s train. I chased him.

Our love lasted almost two years.

Murphy died peacefully in his sleep. I was only a block away when it happened. I put the cookies on his nose.

Murphy – my only dog.

Some people say that I can not be called Murphy’s mistress, because he did not live with me. But I believe that he actually lived with me. He lived in the most important place: in my heart.