This Muslim teacher received a chilling letter after Trump won the elections

“Your headscarves are no longer permitted. Why not tie it around your neck and hang you …? “. 1
There are many people who, after the election of Trump, assured that the United States would remain the same and would not be many changes in the country. However, the atmosphere – it seemed – has become very hostile and intolerant people are already giving all powers to threaten and annoy people in other countries and traditions.

And this was what happened to a high school teacher in Georgia, United States, who – days after Donald Trump received a frightening out electoral card in your classroom.

Mairah Teli, is 24 years old and is a teacher at the secondary Dacula Georgia. She professes the Muslim religion and emphasizes that always wears her headscarf as a way to practice their faith.

When one day he came to the classroom he found a note on his desk that read: “Your headscarves are no longer permitted. Why not tie it around your neck and you hang yourself, instead of using it in your head “… AMERICA.

The note was written by someone anonymous and Mairah was completely terrified. However, he shared the letter on social networks to warn society about the climate that now exists in the community.

“Spreading hatred will not make America great again.”

Via Teli- -Mairah Dailymail

Meanwhile, the school said it would investigate who was responsible for this frightening note, as the high school teacher was quite upset. Mairah is native to California and had never received such threats to use the Islamic headscarf, in his opinion, this is the true result of someone as intolerant as Donald Trump out elected US president.