List of New Year and Christmas movies with good signs which are perfect for creating a festive atmosphere.
Without some of these films can no longer imagine the winter holidays. They can start watching right now to bring into everyday life a little magic.

Real Love / Love Actually (2003)
Love is an unforgettable and unattainable, causing regret and ecstatic, unexpected and unwelcome, uncomfortable, and inexplicable, inelegant and unequal. Love truly reigns all around. From the Prime Minister, immediately fell in love with the employee of his administration – to the writer, who fled to the south of France, to glue a broken heart …

Intuition / Serendipity (2001)
In a hectic winter day in the middle of the New York crowd, Jonathan met Sarah. Two strangers in the arms of the city of New Year fever find that their irresistibly drawn to each other.

And they decide the fate of the check he wrote on his phone bill, it is – in the book. Transfer any bills, rent and book bookseller. Jonathan and Sarah are confident that soon see again. But the insidious fate had its own way.

Come Look at Me (2000)
Sophia Ivanovna did not have ten years gets up from his chair all day looking out the window, glues, paper figurines touching and listening to Dickens, who reads aloud to her only daughter Tanya. The only heir, Tanya, that must to pass the jewels of his daughter, seems resigned to the position of an old maid, and her whole life consists only of the care of the sick mother.

Maybe these women would spend together has a lot of quiet, secluded years in his cozy apartment, if one of the New Year’s Eve Sophia Ivanovna would not have met. .. To die. What and he told his daughter. And so longed Sofya Ivanovna, her daughter was happy, and so wanted Tanya to her mother in the shower was quiet …. And so close to the New Year was that the window of the old Moscow apartment began the most real Christmas miracles .. .


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Wizards (1982)
Christmas story that true love can work wonders. The institute “Nuin” (Research Institute of the extraordinary universal services) boils rough work on the production of a magic wand. Presentation of the invention, is scheduled for December 31 to New Year’s Eve. But here in the case opponents director of the institute come, pursuing their goals …

The Holiday / The Holiday (2006)
Iris Simpkins, author of the popular wedding column in the London ┬źDaily Telegraph┬╗, lives in a charming cottage in the English countryside. She is in love with a man who loves another. Far from it in Southern California lives Amanda Woods, the owner of a thriving advertising agency engaged in the creation of commercials for movies. She discovers that a loved one is cheating on her.

Two unfamiliar with each other women who live at a distance of 10 000 kilometers from each other, are in a similar situation. And they find each other. On the Internet, online sharing of housing on vacation. Before Christmas, Iris and Amanda decide to take a break from their problems by agreeing to swap continents and to live each other for two weeks. Iris moves into Amanda’s house in sunny California as Amanda arrives in the snow-covered English countryside …

Just before Christmas / Just in Time for Christmas (2015)
A young woman, a professor of psychology, must make a choice – to cross the country for the sake of your dream job or stay in his hometown and marry the man of her dreams. Misty December night it helps Waggoner, transporting it to the next three years for her to see what would be her life.

Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus / Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus (2004)
Beth Andrews – a single mother who has lost faith in love and miracles. And her son asks for a Christmas present of a new pope. At this time in California Nick arrives. His father – Santa Claus, but he is retiring, and Nick should replace it, and for that he needs to get married.

Noel / Noel (2004)
Christmas in New York – the most wonderful time of the year. Across the city are lit thousands of Christmas trees, which create a sense of peace and happiness. However, for some people this is not enough, they are waiting for something incredible, magical, to escape from everyday worries and hardships.

While You Were Sleeping / While You Were Sleeping (1995)
Shyness prevents lonely Lucy acquainted with the man of her dreams, which she sees every morning. But helping the case, and she saves the life of a stranger. Now she can enjoy it all day: rescued Peter in the hospital unconscious.

mistakenly takes her family for the bride, and Lucy does not want to dissuade these lovely people. After all, she had already become attached to them, especially to his brother Peter. And while the unsuspecting “groom” was asleep, his “bride” do not believe in the beautiful dream. Lucy soon have to choose between a fairy tale and a real love …

Coopers Love / Love the Coopers (2015)
Good family film and, at the same time, the Incredible Christmas comedy about what happens when on holiday together representatives of four generations of a large family …

Lemony Snicket: 33 accident / A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004)
One bad cloudy day young Baudelaires – Violet, Klaus, and their little sister Sunny – hit disaster. A terrible fire has deprived them of home and loving parents. In the life of orphans appeared guardian Count Olaf, who, as it turned out, did not count, and the evil genius, actor and master of disguise, seeking to take possession of the inheritance unfortunate children …

It’s a Wonderful Life / It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)
George Bailey, the owner of the credit card company, honest, sympathetic, loving husband and father, depressed blame him misery and thinking about suicide. Heaven sent him to Clarence revenue only available at the time the angel, good, but inexperienced, have not even earned the wings. If he does a good job and be able to dissuade George from mortal sin, then get wings. And the time he has left almost no …

Hello family! / The Family Stone (2005)
The action takes place in the fictional town of Thayer in Massachusetts during the Christmas holidays. Family Stone different “rare unity and mutual understanding.” And when favorite son Everett Stone brings to the house of the bride, a successful Manhattan Thing Meredith, eccentric little family decides to bring his young strong disagreement with the planned state of affairs.