The three-year daughter “fell out of love” me on Saturday night. I went into the kitchen, where I warmed to her dinner, and from the doorway said, “Mom, go away!”. And then I thought, and added: “The bad mother.” I surprise even the spoon fell out of the hands. My girl! Mom’s favorite, which previously was crying under the toilet door screaming “Mom lost!”, Throws me out of the kitchen? Some days she refused to play with me, demonstratively embracing only with his grandparents. Under the distribution was my husband: I think, got him for what he gave the “bad mother” of the store. We stood in the hallway with packages, daughter graciously accepted cookies and banana, and then began to push me to the door, “Bye-bye, mama!”. With reproach, and she looked at her husband. The look could read something like: “Why did you gave her? Bring back. ”

On the fifth day, I burst into tears of impotence. Obviously, Veronica stopped loving me, I’m a bad mother! So bad, that even a kid is finally noticed. I even created a theme of “I fell out of love child” in several communities where more experienced mom convinced me that a child of three out of love can not be, and most likely, she asks my attention or tries to show independence and, perhaps jealous of the future child.

The idea of the jealousy of a brother or sister, I brushed off almost immediately. Veronica was beside herself with joy when we told her that the house in the spring will be “kid.” She cooked him a place in his room, going over names for boys and girls. Every morning started with a question: when it will be possible to “rock Lyalya”?

I’ve tried everything! Craven bribery gifts, inventing new games, crafts made of chestnuts, which I had hoped to bring back lost love, but in response to hear one thing: “Mom, go.” Poor, poor mother!

Icebreaker was trying to make her husband. “Why are you kicking my mom?” – He asked. “Because a bad mother!” – Without batting an eye, replied my daughter, the former “Mamsikov” for which I was the most beloved family member.

I remembered all the! The fact that I had to go to work, when she was two months. Even though I got only formally, because working at home on the computer, it seemed to me that she did not have enough of my attention, and I load with presents her toys (too many toys). I was thinking about the traumatic episodes of her childhood. The fact that we went with her father, when she was barely a month, which means that despite the fact that it was a balanced mutual decision, I then deprived child complete family. I remembered that one day he bought her a book, because did not bring enough money. I went over in my head the events of that day, when my daughter stopped me love – everything was so wonderful … But, perhaps irreparable happened if I did not let it slip with a high hill on the walk?

“Do you not admit that it’s not you?”, – The husband asked. Of course, I did not allow such a thought! The clue I found a week later. During this time I was able to break through the wall a little bit cold and indifferent new beautiful Czech woman, felt-tip pens, his “no” box with beads and two hours in the entertainment center of the trampoline, as well as an appointment to a child psychologist.

Near the entrance we met a grandmother, usually “to walk,” his grandson on a playground with us. Familiar we were only superficially. “Are you left Mom?” – She asked, referring to my daughter. – “Appreciate the time! Soon my mother will be a new Lala, it really is not up to you! “. I do not even have time to protest indignantly grandmother looked at me: “I have it on last week warned. You, my dear, leave older with Grandma! New husband might not like it get in the way … “. Eyes daughter, who understood what it it better than I could answer, filled with tears. Grandma walked away, I leaned over to the stroller. Everything fell into place.

My daughter decided to stop loving me preemptively. Before I Get a “new Lyalya” and stop loving her. I told her “Auntie was wrong,” she obviously with someone messed up and we did not know that Veronica – my favorite girl, we are one family, and no one will never leave her alone. A baby crying is a very, if not be able to play with his older sister, because she is very necessary for all of us, and we can not do without it.

The idea that I am not the center of the universe Dochkin that sometimes cruel and unfair world it might offend someone else, and not always this is my fault, really just did not occur to me.

“Good Mother”, – said Veronica graciously, received these days a lot of unauthorized gifts. – “Buy shokoyadku?”.