“Ossspadi …” I think every one of us at least once in his life heard the word, and may well play it with the right intonation. This – the highest expression of horror and disgust. “Ossspadi sho she herself dressed up?”, “Oosspadi sho she imagines itself?”.

There is a sport: to include any program like “New Year’s spark” or open internet and start terrified. “Look, that some put on weight!”, “And this, look out, as the aged”, “and this, again with this new baba!”.

Not a word about the fact that “this – a good mother,” “this – lost her husband, remember how she loved him”, but “this happy.”

A number of beauty blogs, sports, and clothing is built on “Obozhekakoyuzhas, see what they are disgusting!”. When you read such texts, falls into a rich inner world of the author with the “fat broads”, “maloholnye impotent”, “running fat women with uncombed nests on the head,” “something formless”, “collective farm chic” and others.

The negative assessment roll in like a horn of plenty and is about to bury you under a.

Some time ago I was in the open class of yoga at the school in the child. And one of the boys was in the meat tattered socks. I do not know what to do with the toe, so that it frayed, maybe it was just a lot of time to wash and specifically broke down and accepted his fate that day, but the hole was notable.

So, all the other children were in the whole socks. And I did not notice until I saw leaky. And I notice that the other children were in the whole socks just because I have a lot of psychological training.

We were raised in a culture aimed at identifying the shortcomings. Search is different from the others. This is called depreciation. This phenomenon are many reasons, and of such a party line hard to refuse – after finding flaws a lot of fun, “And here I am – a good mother, I would never send a child to school in the Leaky sock”, “but I do sports and me in forty years there is no cellulite “,” but my husband I did not rush for the young and beautiful, “” but my wife never did tell! “. It’s hard to be happy when there is a lot of heavy, but it becomes easier and more pleasant to live knowing that here at this woman – beautiful, rich, well-groomed – also have flaws and grief. Otherwise, it turns out that the world is too unjust and it is up to me.
It’s hard to be retrained and to see the good in the world that people generally do not like the movie characters about Baywatch, but are cute and charming when they have a good mood, that they work, mainly work, and do not drink tea, they usually still love their children, not just yell at them, and that – in general and on average – all in the whole socks.

Great happiness for me to discover that in spite of everything that I have said many times by different people, this approach is not discouraged people and turns them into fat nadivannyh vegetables – on the contrary, people who receive a lot of warmth, love and support to look, work, and care about currently better than those whom many critics.

It is very difficult to learn to see the beauty in everyday life, especially if you live in a very gassy mine opposite the town. Criticism of aggression and give a lot of resources and help to cope with everyday stress.

However, the world around is getting “worse and worse”, and close – all zashugannyh and zashugannyh. And he has already turned into an evil troll who smile sincerely and from the heart can not.

And sometimes, it may be wise to look back and see – what if in addition to dirt, paint and oblezshey ugly fat women have something else?

In fact, there is.

And you can learn to see it. Consciously.