Maldives, home to some stunning and gorgeous beauties in the world 

Mirihi Islands

A very beautiful Island, named after a  local flower. Due to stunning beauty every year a large number of visitor came here to spend their holidays. To host a very large number of tourist, hotels and resorts offers some great packages. The bright blue water adds hundred times more to the beauty.e4

Mirihi maintains a focus on its beautiful surroundings and prides itself on having one of the most fascinating house reefs in the Maldives, expect to see reef sharks, manta rays and green turtles.


Mirihi the bright blue water creates a very stunning view which has the abilities to dissolve all the worries and sadness in someone life. It has power to give a shock of happiness that can upside down the entire feeling. Home to world most dangerous specie called reef sharks and Manta rays. They can kill in a minute. But the green turtles are one the most beautiful species in Mirihi Island.


Mirihi Island Resort is one of the most famous resort in Maldive. It hosts thousands of visitors every year. It has been renovated in December,2014. Natural environment has been provided on the shore of see, with very appealing view, one can only dream of it. They have special guides for deep sea diving. Many professional divers every year came Mirihi Island for gaining more diving experience. It Win 2015 World Luxury hotel award for its best services. Perhaps the most affordable on the best luxury resorts in the Maldives, The Mirihi Island Resort offers 36 villas that are equipped with the standard amenities of a 5 star-hotel. Blessed with white beaches, turquoise blue waters and one of the most amazing house-reefs, this is truly a great resort.


Mirihi Island is so beautiful in every way that one can’t stop himself for coming again and again.