I do not care what planet

There will be live and live our children …

You know, I always pay attention when you have to translate in various conferences on the protection of the environment and the problems of economical relationship to nature? I pay attention to the number of plastic bottles that remain after the event. Plastic water bottles, sometimes – plastic containers with food. Plastic cups, plastic cups. Then everything is going great in garbage bags and sent to the trash. The garbage container is exported, and it all goes to landfill.

If you’ve never been on a huge landfill, I advise you not. However, you can view photos or videos on the Internet. To get an idea, more than enough.

I visited as part of a large project – to be honest, a little ill is gone. The head then a very, very long spinning (spinning and to this day) the question intrusive as the buzzing of a mosquito at night. What’s next? What we leave to our children? Hectares, littered with garbage? Yeah, the legacy for future generations, do not say anything. But I can do something? And I ready to do this?

When I started to get baby food in glass jars, my uncontrollable brain gave me obstruction. “You’re going to throw the cans in the trash, huh? – Reproachfully rustled thoughts. – But this glass feedstock … and you dump it in general, right? Add a ton of debris on the surface of the planet? “. In general, the brain chose the right tactics – he gave me a bale consistently, regularly and persistently.

And I took the first step. “Everything – I said home. – Jars and my folding. Then I find where they were taken. ” Storage jars began. First, we put them in the same box of baby food beautiful and neat rows, and then began to simply pass the buck. When I reached this hand, I was floating on the waves of the boundless Internet, trying to find some place for recycling in your area. Oh, I’d heard of Greenpeace activists! “No, to be done in each area 3-4 convenient point for recycling or mobile items – I hissed, pounding the keys of a laptop – is its northern seas, but good?”. And to get the authorities of the city: “What’s the use tiles to change – not appeased my grumbling” I “, if the surrounding cities are growing piles of garbage? Or kill the atmosphere of waste incineration plants “?

Meanwhile, the situation at home (in the best traditions of the genre) heated. jars Mountains grew clutter themselves more and more space and threatens to bring down an avalanche on anyone inadvertently passing by glass Everest. “There are also containers where garbage is collected separately, – convinced me – come to’ll take.” I explained that the containers do not trust – she saw three containers allegedly “glass”, “plastic” and “board” took away the trash one machine.

The search continued. Horus grew. Households were ready to curse the day when I first translated at the conference of the sad ecological future of our planet.

Finally, I was lucky (or, to be honest, I have devoted to the search for the item does not receive 10 minutes between jobs, and nearly half an hour). This item showed up near my home. Near – conditionally. For it to go there anyway we had a car. But somehow I could not. Five jars filled up to the top of large oilskin bags of “Auchan” with a total weight of 30 kilograms, I would simply not dragged.

How do I know the weight? I will tell you a secret. At that point, the reception, where I happily drove the mountain of glass, give him the money. Huge. A ruble per kilogram. We can say, received 30 rubles, I paid for gasoline.

But it’s not gasoline. This unassuming shed people really sort garbage. Separately, pressed plastic. Separately folded cardboard. Separately – cans. Then carry on processing recycled.
The trouble is that in Moscow (and Russia) there is practically no modern waste treatment plants. But a lot of polygons, which are all solid waste deposited there, are brought and are brought. Let’s leave our children? Or still try to change something?

Of course, none of us can not finance the opening of a modern processing plant for recycling. And not everyone has the opportunity to put in a secluded corner of a plastic or glass bottles, then to take them somewhere in the trunk of the car.

Only after all want our children to live in a world that does not even dirtier than the one in which we live.

And it seems to me, it is not so difficult to offer to collect glass bottles and jars in the entrance and report to activists, collecting garbage separately, when accumulated enough for export.

Or “get” the management company for separate waste collection.

Or merge with the help of social networks with other like-minded people.

In Russia there is no modern musoropererabyvayuschih plants. There is only a little bit crazy activists who care. Let us not be together anyway?