Moderator: A Feng audience to give us a call, saying that as a man, the recent heart which is too sad, because he recently found his 11-year-old daughter, even with their own blood is not, Is his wife and other men born, for A Feng and his family, the news is really like a bolt from the blue, the fight is too great.

Commentary: A Feng 41 years old this year, his wife A Juan 39 years old, are locals, A Feng said he was 24 years old met A Juan, the two can be considered free love, because when Juan did not work, A Feng’s parents Against their exchanges, but finally came together, and now more than 11-year-old daughter, and immediately to read the fifth grade, and had a flat wife to live in peace, but this year 51, the daughter did not intend to which A Feng said a few words , So that his heart had a pimple.

A Feng: is equal to the day I went to work, my mother took a man, to his own home.

Commentary: his wife in the end is which man to the home with it, in the association of the two years of abnormal performance of his wife, so Ah Feng began to suspect his wife may be outside.

A Feng: sub-bed between husband and wife sleep, there are more than two years, and then suspected of having an affair, and then inquire about the corridor in the neighborhood, said there is a chicken shop owner, often to my home, it has doubts.

Commentary: A Feng working hours are three shifts, one day is the need to live in the unit, but he just rest at home, is definitely a model husband, all the housework all-inclusive, his wife at home do not dry, even so wife He was quite cold, Ah Feng thought that her daughter so much, even if the couple did not have feelings, to make do with the look, after all, the child is not good for divorce, but did not expect his wife’d very firm attitude.

A Feng: I mean, this daughter 11 years old, husband and wife always like to be a couple, to sleep in a room, and then put her to let her sleep over, several times, and she then a word, no feelings , And broke up, or no feelings, and divorce.

Commentary: A Juan’s unfeeling to A Feng more sure she has a man on the outside, A Feng was also specifically to understand, the neighbors said that the owner of the sale of chicken, as early as 10 years ago with the exchange of Juan, so A Feng began to doubt their hard-raising daughter in the end is not the biological.

A Feng: always feel does not look like, plus time is so long, there is doubt, and decided to do paternity test.

Commentary: So A Feng took her daughter to Hangzhou, July 10 paternity test results came out, A Feng on the spot crazy.