How to meet a guy 10 proven tips for a variety of...

How to meet a guy 10 proven tips for a variety of girls


Inaction is not the fastest way to a relationship. These tips will help even the most shy girl to initiate the introduction and attract the attention of the liked guy.


Passive measures

Even if you want to have the initiative belonged to the man, it can gently push this. Use the following tips to increase the likelihood of dating.

1. Decide on a place

Meet can be at a variety of circumstances, and not just languidly sipping a cocktail at the bar. Try to start to understand what you need a partner, and, on that basis, choose a location. Do you want to meet an intellectual? Embark on an exhibition or a lecture. Dreaming of an athlete? Look closely at those who visit your gym whom you often meet for a jog.

In general, look for places where you often visit. Most likely, there are men with whom you have common interests.

It is not superfluous to think about the skills that you’ve always wanted to learn. The language schools or DJ courses are also quite suitable candidates.


Another option – look for places with large concentrations of men, where you will stand. For example, visit a sporting event, a car show or just the tools department in the hypermarket. Without attention there, you are unlikely to stay.

2. Become a regular at

On the bars and cafes still should not be forgotten. But rather than each time to visit a new restaurant, try to choose one and go and see there regularly. The familiar, comfortable environment easier to meet new people. A stormy jubilation bartenders about your appearance sure all eyes will turn in your favor.

3. More often are alone

Not to scare away strangers view their friends and laughing all the more male friends. Practice single walking (or even travel), trips to cultural events or in a cafe.

Do not attempt to replace the temporary absence of communication listening to music on headphones or constant checking smartphone. Allow others to understand that you are not alone and waiting for a belated appearance boyfriend.

4. Do not be a snow queen

If you want to meet you, forget about the mask of coldness and indifference. It repels rather than attracts. Recycles all possible facial expressions, too, not worth it. In order to show their interest, are usually quite a sight and an easy smile.


5. Keep track of your appearance

This does not mean that you need to urgently get out of the closet all the shortest and bright. Screaming sexy rather speaks of the desperation of the girl and her bad taste than of readiness for normal relations.

It is better to bet on the simple, yet stylish solutions in clothing (basic ideas can be gleaned from this article), and choose the right makeup and hairstyle (to help – thisand this article).

And needless to say that the need to look good as far as possible always and everywhere? Well-groomed and neat appearance – at least a sign of courtesy to ourselves and others.

Active methods

full Patriarchate Time has passed, and a total of feminism has not yet come. Nevertheless, the woman takes the initiative in the relationship, is now unlikely to be stoned. In the list below – the idea of the first steps that can easily translate any girl.

1. Apply the trick

Frankly express their interest is not necessary. Meet you can use all sorts of tricks. For example, go to the man in the cafe and say that you have lost an argument with a friend, and under the terms of the bet have to take your phone number. Or to say aloud a joke, then turn around and apologize, saying that thought, if talking with your friends.

Of course, this method requires some acting skills. But easy adrenaline rush is guaranteed.

2. Ask for help

To attract the attention of men can be the most innocent way. Alternatively, ask to explain the road to get something from the top shelf in the shop or just to hold the door.

The main thing – do not become a woman-a problem that requires a continuous strong men help. Not everyone likes the role of savior of his father.

3. Ask a question

Men like attention no less than women. Especially if it’s attention flatters their outlook and intelligence. Take this little weak, to win over the unfamiliar guy. For example, contact with a professional matter to a pretty colleague or ask to explain grammatical rule stranger with language courses.

4. Make a Gift

All nice when they are praised. Men are no exception. At the same time singing the praises of their appearance or masculinity is not necessary. It can be flattering to respond to the stranger’s speech at a conference or event with an open microphone. Or go to the park to a lovely dog lovers and to compliment his four-footed friend.

Create your own dog is also a good idea: the animals have a tendency to easily bring together strangers.

5. openly declare their interest

Tired of playing role-playing games and indulge in vain hopes? Just tell the person they want, you will find it interesting. Another option – to go to a stranger in a cafe and ask if you can sit down at a table to him.

Some would say that a man wants to be a hunter, and he does not need “easy prey.” Someone – that such behavior can frighten and alienate. But the question is this: Do you want to be the prey and to be next to a man who does not accept women’s initiatives?


The truth is that men and women are different and want different. But men, like women, are often similar: they too are afraid of being rejected and also dream that new interesting people appeared in their lives. Well, if the desire of the two singles matches, and does not really matter who made the first step forward.