Find a pair in the world today is not too difficult. It is only necessary to properly use features. These life hacking will help to attract the attention of an unknown girl and increase your chances when meeting in real life and online.


How to meet a girl in real life

Spontaneous familiarity in everyday life more and more resembles archaic. And yet this is one of the most romantic situations, which then can tell the grandchildren.

There he and a number of other advantages. Firstly, you will always see the real person, and not the processed photo of 10-year-old. Second, you can use the maximum of its charm: alas, virtual communication has not yet conveys all the nuances of a living.

Here are some techniques you can use to meet with a girl when you’re offline.

1. Demonstrate confidence and openness

At acquaintance in real life, non-verbal cues can play in your favor. Remember about open positions, a steady (but not excessive) eye contact and a sincere smile. They will do half the job: you will be located to the unknown lady.


2. Offer to help

The suave stranger who offers a girl to bring a huge suitcase, or to explain the way, as a rule, causes her sympathy. Just do not confuse politeness with persistence. Usually “no” still means “no”, and excessive persistence definitely will not add you points.

3. Use any available information about the stranger

It rides on the subway reading Dostoevsky? Or on her T-shirt with a picture of Darth Vader? Here and ready theme for the first interview.

But here it should be remembered stroke. Comment what makes a girl in your phone, even if it does not close the screen by hand, it is clearly not worth it. It is bordered by an invasion of privacy.

4. Use the environment

If you’re at a concert or show, then your taste is likely to coincide with the tastes of the charming stranger, and the topic for conversation will be easier to find. But help may be the most common places: shop, cafe, gym. Even the housing office. Why not?

Use the environment as an excuse to start a conversation. Ask, for example, a product or a dish to choose, noting that she looks like a man you could trust. Discuss the nuances of training or life of the district. In general, use all the resources of everyday life to the maximum.

5. Make a Gift

A win-win if deprived of banal compliment, but subtlety. Forget the clich├ęs like the eyes and the hair falls oceans. But do not overdo it with originality: the information that the girl has the world’s best fingerprint thick or perfect teeth curvature, while love obviously redundant.

From chic pieces, too, should be abandoned. After the second (third, fourth, and so on), the phrase will have to comply with the virtuosity of the first. Otherwise, all efforts will go down the drain.

If you are not confident in your public speaking abilities , just walk up and admit that the girl you like, you interesting. Sincerity is better than any waste tackles.

6. Ray security

Meet in real life almost always a surprise. And all the sudden and unknown borders on danger. So be very considerate, polite and never invade privacy in girls area. Otherwise, your feelings rush just scare her and force quickly escape. Even if the rest of you do the right thing.

How to get acquainted with the girl on social networks

The advantage of social networks is obvious: they give a lot of information, and in some ways easier first step. But there are some pitfalls. Try the following tips to get the attention of a beautiful stranger.

1. Look for passion in thematic groups

The easiest way to become acquainted and to find a suitable party – choose the same interests. Groups, Public, activities in social networks – can get acquainted right there or to turn to the girl privately. A sample list of topics of conversation will come up with a snap.

2. Write posts or comments

If you want to get to know better demonstrate it verbally, rather than overwhelm silently Woman dozens likes. In the latter case, you most likely will be inadequate or infantile person.


3. Monitor your online behavior

Publish the recording of a recent break with the former? Fasting pictures that all women – bitches? Roughly in the comments? Then do not be surprised that your messages remain unanswered.

4. Honor literacy

If punctuality – the politeness of kings, the literacy – courtesy of Internet users. And yet it is the first evidence that you have developed intellect. So try to avoid at least the elementary mistakes. If in doubt, look for the answers in dictionaries, or in the thematic resources.

If you are not confident in their knowledge of the Russian language, try to start to pass this test . The result is lower than the average says that it’s time to brush up on the rules of the school.

5. Avoid extremes

Instant switching to the “you” to someone may seem hasty. But hard to write “you”, and with a capital letter, and in parallel to flirt with the style of the XIX century – not the best option. So you will be more likely for naphthalene eccentric than interesting and modern man.

How to get acquainted with a girl on a dating site

It would seem to meet through specialized sites or services easier than ever, because they are used by women who are in search of. But the potential of satellites there are not less. To increase your chances, stick to the following rules.

1. Go to the filling Profile wisely

If you want a serious relationship? Then do not spread (or at least do not primarily) a photo of your torso and other body parts of the bare. Even if you have a stunning cubes. Even if a sin to hide such beauty.


It is better to place a bet on the pictures that reveal your personality and show your face.

Also, do not be lazy to fill out the profile details and pay special attention to the section stating the interests. Remember: the more specific description will be, the more chances to meet the right man. So do not limit yourself to generalities.

2. Avoid beginners

Most dating sites tout new users: they are placed on the first pages of the search, or in special sections, which see all the others. As a result, beginners (especially women) get a lot of messages. So your can just get lost.

3. Do not be the familiar

How would any girl in the photo remind you of a wild cat or a princess, it is not necessary to inform her about it in the first post. For love – even on specialized sites – tender words and affection are inappropriate.

4. Say “no” banality

Sites and dating services create the feeling of a large selection. And considering that the girls there in principle receive more messages than men, the latter has to be allocated.

The brutal truth: another “hello, how are you” is not the desire to respond, and the standard interrogation beats all craving to continue the conversation.

Be more specific. To become acquainted, use the information specified in the profile of a girl, or choose an unusual topic for conversation. For example, offer to share the crazy stories of life or tell you about the most unusual dream. So you will attract attention, avoid tedious questionnaires and melt the ice.

5. Forget about mailing lists

Some men, tired of scribbling hundreds of welcome messages, decide to come up with one thing: a big, detailed and versatile. So, at least, they think. In fact, text, devoid of individual treatment is visible immediately and cause even less interest.

Council is simple: Decide what kind of woman you are looking for, take the time to select the suitable candidates, and write them in at least one, but alive phrase. If necessary, repeat the procedure. As they say, seek and ye shall find.

Of course, some of the recommendations shown here are universal: and the web need to be tactful, and in real life is to follow the literate speech. There are two other ways to trouble-free working in all conditions: effervescent jokes and asking the girl questions, thus demonstrating their interest.

Do you know other effective methods? Share them in the comments!