Clifton Beach

Clifton Beaches 

It takes about 10 minutes to drive from the city center to any of Clifton’s four beaches. Coves of soft white sand separated by giant boulders that protect them from summer’s ‘Southeaster’  wind, each beach attracts a slightly different crowd though undoubtedly the most popular is Clifton 4th Beach.

In many ways it is the unofficial playground of the rich and beautiful but Clifton 4th is a classic Cape Town beach with a great holiday atmosphere. Toned bodies soak up the sunshine, vendors wander back and forth selling cold drinks and ice lollies, yachts bob about on the aquamarine ocean – just remember that the Atlantic Ocean here is usually quite cold and you won’t be doing much swimming.

On balmy summer evenings locals love to round off the day with a sunset picnic on a Clifton beach. Head down in the late afternoon and you’ll find a festive atmosphere with blankets spread out on the sand, baskets stuffed with deli-bought goodies and candles ready to burn late into the night. Just be warned: it’s illegal to drink alcohol on Cape Town beaches (and these popular beaches are effectively policed) and you’ll have to carry all your stuff down from the car park – and back up again – via a long series of steep steps so pack light.

Bit busy in season, but amazingly beautiful. Try visit out of December or January holiday season. Great place to relax on the beach, swim in icy cold water on a hot day and even rent SUP for some fun on the water.

Four beaches, white sand, very cold sea. My personal favorite is Clifton 4th beach, sheltered from any wind there might be and good showers, toilets and changing run by the life saving club.

Clean, Safe, especially beautiful at sun set. Bring your own blanket or sun chair, umbrella is must. Stay for the sun and try to capture the golden water link gold water.