Video newfound coach Julia Cave about how to marry a rich man, continues to cause a lot of violent responses in RuNet. Let sochtёm his reason for talking about why do marry and what criteria the selection of the future spouse to be considered healthy.

The last thing in the life of the lucky girls who managed to achieve this goal – to marry a wealthy man, one that promises to provide offers and become idle housewife. They fulfilled his childhood dream of a good, caring, perfect parent, and it gave the opportunity a few years not to become an adult.

Those who dream of marrying “a good daddy”, but could not have realized that to find the “perfect parent” it is impossible for an adult. They have experienced the pain, the frustration, “burial” of his dreams, and slowly began to learn to live again. Themselves. Because any good dad or mom breastfeeding warm adult can not be found, they are really only grow inside. Become providing nursing mom and dad himself.

Since 2013, I’m training for women about relationships with men, during which time they have passed through hundreds of clients. One of our first tasks – record 50 qualities of men, relations with whom you are ready to say “Yes”.

To be honest, the results of this task every time I grieve. Year after year, I read in these lists about the outside: “Tall, strong, well-earning. On the machine, and that it was not “Lada”, and the car decent. With income of at least … The shoes are not cheaper … ”

I understand that women talk about their preferences just at the point where it is appropriate. Wherever you find yourself, recognizing that in a relationship there is a problem. And demonstrate a willingness to change, since the usual ways of happiness is impossible to achieve in their personal lives.

Concentrating on the external – income, car, apartment, anatomical and physiological data – suggests that relationships are for a woman terra incognita. In life, there was no experience that would help to understand why is to enter into a relationship and what to do in them. It did not give any parent family, or child and youth friendly, or parish, if a woman – a believer.

Here, the case of complex dialogues that take time and trusting therapeutic relationship.

– What man would you like to see next?

– High on a good car, with an income of not less than 150 thousand rubles..

– What does it mean to you if he’s tall?

– I do not know, I like these. But I have the right to choose.

– And if you were very tall?

– I do not know.

– And how do you close to him, if he earns so much?

– And I do not know.

– And what feelings you would like to experience it?

– Do not understand what you are. Dark forest.

The dream of a rich and powerful man next – a tried and tested way to avoid growing up. It can help you stay a long time at the age of about three years, when the sense of security in the world depends entirely on what they do and how to relate to your parents, and Dad really want to discourage mothers and get yourself.

“Serving” man, which says in his online performances Julia Cave – is a sure way to live your life. Replace your search for meaning, their value existing it. But the problem is that of the search for meaning is impossible to escape. Sooner or later, will have to meet with him – or as children get older, which, alas, can not be the meaning, or after providing semantic and husband found someone younger, prettier and poprestizhnee.

How to bid farewell to the pipe dream of a “stone wall”, strong and rich, guaranteeing a comfortable life until old age? To this end, it is desirable to abandon the manipulative techniques of children’s repertoire and begin to grow a support. The material, meaning – everything gives strength and confidence.

The therapeutic agent of the disease in a relationship – it is a lot of new sound relations, which will get acquainted with themselves and with other new people. What is it for you – intimacy? And affection, acceptance, ability to see and hear each other?

It is important to turn off the meter rational, if it works for you, and turn to the senses. With this new acquaintance you like? What can I do for herself, if I start to play the role of breadwinner and protector?

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